Huawei Nova 2s Review: A Sleek Smartphone With A Vision


Beijing December 7, Huawei another time released the new mobile Huawei nova 2s, with the Nova lite version of the beginning of the year and therefore the Nova 2, that is nova series this year’s 3rdmodel. Compared to Huawei’s change enjoy, P series and Mate series, nova release frequency cannot facilitate but some high, the reason, additionally to the current consumer spending standards, but also to some extent due to technology and technology promotion. in this Huawei nova 2s, for example, within the era of full screen popular, Nova 2s is to follow the trend to join the complete screen of the indisputable army.

Of course, for the Huawei, nova series has always been its mid-market to challenge OPPO, Vivo most powerful product. Then the same 6-inch full-screen Huawei nova 2s, what’s the difference? after reading this evaluation you’ll find, compared to the previous generation, it’s really greatly upgraded. Compared to the competitory product, Huawei’s a small step or a major step in the competition with OV.

Huawei nova 2s and previous generation nova mobile phones both from the appearance or performance, maybe a new change, the primary is in appearance, Nova 2s with popular full-screen design, however the fingerprint button on the front, Compared to the post-fingerprint phone higher price, but also higher able to meet most users for the front fingerprint needs. Followed by the performance, equipped with the previous generation flagship Kirin 960 processor, up to 6GB of memory, taking pictures additionally use the front and rear dual lens. we also get the first time this new machine, then take a glance at, HUAWEI nova 2s continues the Nova series has perpetually been excellent performance?

1st, the appearance: the glass into a unique full-screen art

Huawei star 2s provides 5 colors, 3 varieties of memory storage combination, the author hands this color is Ai lan color, 6Gb Ram +1 28GB Internal Memory variant its packaging, the 2 colors are terribly simple

on the rear of the package is that the phone’s simple parameters and manufacturer’s info

it also comes with Huawei’s stunning packaging

Huawei nova 2s front with a 6.0-inch screen, 18: 9 ratio, is these days popular full-screen design, however not like different full-screen fingerprint design, Nova 2s fingerprint identification set within the front, that greatly facilitates the user on the phone on the desktop On the operation, but additionally, remove the rear hole.

Pick up nova 2s 1st hand is rounded and smooth, four corners of the transition naturally. this is often as a result of it uses a double-sided glass, and therefore the material of this glass on the phone Huawei may be vividly demonstrated.

The front dual cameras are placed at the top left corner, handset in center, and soft light set at the right edge of the mobile

The bottom of Huawei nova 2s may be opened within the virtual navigation bar, however, the home button has been able to replace, because, additionally to fingerprinting, its Home button also can touch the rear, left and right sliding multi-task control, eliminating the virtual navigation bar may be additional practical.

Huawei nova 2s rear is dual-lens, flash, large aperture and Huawei logo, because of the front fingerprint design, the rear of solely 2 shots and flash 3 openings. And the glass body has a strong visual perception and lighting effects, with completely different angles of light exposure, showing a slight color change, different viewing angles, showing different light and shadow changes, sort of a work of art.

Its double-sided glass so that the front and back feel the same, smooth and delicate glass material in this phone has been fully utilized, and four-pointed rounded design irrespective of how the grip won’t feel overhand.

The noise reduction microphone placed on top of the phone

At the bottom of the Huawei, Nova 2s are a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C transmission interface, and a speakerphone. Currently, several mobile phone manufacturers to cancel the headphone jack due to increased battery capacity, but it still chooses to retain, on the mobile phone headset users have a lot of appetites.

The right aspect of the fuselage for volume keys and power button, the border material is aluminum alloy

The left aspect of the fuselage for the SIM card slot

Support dual Nano-SIM card slot

it comes along with with a 9V / 2A charger

Huawei’s headset is included in package

2nd, the system experience: based on Android 8.0 features a variety of convenient EMUI 8.0

Huawei nova 2s fueled with EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0 system, compared to the EMUI5.1 system adds functionality to simplify unnecessary operations, in short, is conducive to mobile phone operation, but additionally more smooth and sleek. EMUI 8.0 added a similar 3D touch press function, long press the icon directly pop-up common features options to save steps, but only some applications support this feature, I think there’ll be more follow-up software adaptation.

                                                                          Split screen mode

EMUI 8.0 within the split-screen feature is very useful, you’ll be able to listen to the song brush pages or chat whereas watching the video.

                                                                          Settings interface

EMUI 8.0 system, the biggest modification in appearance is to set the interface, through the left slide will quickly enter each setting.

                                              Negative one screen and smart screen recognition

EMUI 8.0 further increases the negative one-screen shortcut function interface, and integrates the function of life assistant, to use quicker. At a similar time added a “smart screen recognition” function, 2 fingers long press additionally to recognizing the text, however also intelligent analysis of words, search for relevant info.                                                                                                                                                    Payment Protection Center

In the new edition of EMUI 8.0, the payment security center is upgraded to version 2.0, adding additional protected applications to 2000+, enabling large transfers and automatically prompting users to add apps or add them manually. In addition, Huawei nova 2s also built-inSESE security chip, known as the financial-level security protection, protection of mobile payment protection.

                                                                              Huawei Histen Sound

HUAWEI nova 2s built Histen4.0 sound, additionally, there are AKM 4376A HiFi chip, aptX codec technology. therefore in terms of sound quality, Nova 2s whether it’s place or headphones, can achieve the flagship level.

                                                                                     NFC Function

Huawei Nova 2s NFC, NFC, and mobile phones can’t solely transfer data but also to use NFC to pay the payment terminal.

3rd, the performance: 6GB memory + Kirin 960 “flagship” light configuration surprise

Huawei nova 2s equipped with a Kirin 960 processor, integrated four A73, four A53 core, the highest frequency reached 2.4GHz, GPU for the mali G71 MP8, 16nm process technology. As the flagship processor, performance isn’t bad nature, then I use the “king of glory,” 4K video analytics, B station barrage to test the Nova 2s.

Because “King of Glory” has not however opened Huawei nova 2s high frame rate mode, therefore here I turned on full effects to test. After the actual test, Huawei nova 2s though there’s no support for the “king glory” high frame rate mode, after opening all the effects didn’t seem, Caton, the number of frames has also been stable at 30 frames.

                                                                                                 The Game Test

2,4K video resolution

I use the classic 4K movie “Beijing roast duck and beauty” to test Huawei nova 2ss video resolution. “Peking duck and beauty” film supply resolution: 3840 * 2160, data rate: 31Mbps, frame rate: 29FPS, audio sampling rate: 18KHz, audio bit rate: 317Kbps. Huawei nova 2s comes with Huawei video playback, the actual playback expertise no image Caton phenomenon, any drag the progress bar during playback there’s no Caton phenomenon.

                                                                                    4K Video Test

Some video within the barrage full case, the phone hardware requirements are particularly strict. Full play barrage, the text barrage dozens or perhaps many refresh rate per second, the CPU requirements are relatively high. Here I use the B station well-known barrage test video, video length of 5 minutes and 23 seconds, the quantity of barrage 633,000. the average number of barrage per second up to 1900.

                                                                        B station Barrage Test

Barrage full open, nova 2s play no Caton

4th, take pictures: front and rear the four lenses + soft light Selfie dark lines

Huawei nova 2s is that the Nova series for the primary time using the four-lens phone front and rear, and could be a dual f / 1.8 aperture, through the dual cameras collaborative imaging, simulating human co-imaging with human eyes, the effect of focusing, and human eyes perceived distance similar effect. The front lens could be a 20MP high-resolution camera responsible for high-definition imaging, after the beauty treatment may also maintain the clarity of the screen, whereas the other 2MPlens is responsible for the depth of field effect.

1, Daytime Samples

                                                                           Riverside Building

The author is within the afternoon light environment is relatively strong, so there’ll be a shadow, however a decent reduction of the weather effect.

                                                                                    Macro sample

                                                                        Rear Camera Portrait Blur

Huawei nova 2s rear camera virtual transition is very precise, the edge of the blurring didn’t seem over-smear effect, the performance of the two-shot to force. Its dual f / 1.8 aperture effect is obvious, the virtual effect comparable to flagship mobile standard.

2, Night Samples

Huawei nova 2s night vision, lighting elements didn’t appear glare. It will be seen that the lightbox didn’t seem too exposed, lines and details of the description also are excellent.

Nova 2s rear camera synergetic imaging effect is obvious, bright details and dark details will be portrayed.

Dark details of this vision building don’t seem to be lost, and a variety of light color reproduction is also in place.

There is no glare street lights, four-shot with nova 2s night scene has been fully played.

3, Selfie samples

                                                                      Without  Beauty Mode

                                                                             With Beauty Mode

Benefit from the pre-20MP +2MP pairs of the camera, Huawei nova 2s Selfie effect is incredibly smart, the hair finish of the hair fiber finish, open the beauty, there’s no large smear effect.

                                                                   Selfie Blur With Beauty Mode

Huawei nova 2s with a 20MP +2MP front dual camera, with portrait bokeh, you’ll be able to see its blunt style and different phone blur effect compared to the softer.

                                                           Selfie Blur Without Beauty Mode

Huawei nova 2s front camera portrait virtual recognition is incredibly precise didn’t happen to the face to the virtual scenario, even the hair didn’t seem virtual scenario, terribly precise.

5th, charging life: 18W fast charge performance to force 1 hour and 30 minutes into nearly half

Huawei nova 2s is equipped with a 3340mAh battery, charging support 18W fast charge, then its actual performance will be like? I use here to play online video games to test its battery life.

1, Online Video Test

The author uses on-line beep video playing at a beep beep client, 40% volume, 500th brightness, online play for 30 minutes from 38th power.

                                                                      Online Video Playback Test

After 30 minutes, the remaining power of 30 minutes, power consumption V-E Day, conversion Huawei nova 2s fully power state can still watch online video barrage concerning 5 hours.

2, The Game Test

I another time use the recent popular MOBA game “King glory” to test the Nova 2s battery life, open the full-height effects, starting from 58 power, the game half-hour.

                                                                                     Game Test

After 30 minutes, Huawei nova 2s remaining power of 48th, 10 power consumption, conversion, Nova 2s within the case of full power will continue to play “the king glory” concerning 5 hours.

3, Charging Test

Huawei nova 2s standard comes with a 9V2A 18W fast charge head, starting from the depletion of electricity 0.33, connected to Wi-Fi, no card, 10 minutes record time.

                                                                           Charging Test

nova 2s charging from zero to one hundred and a half hour or so, however taking into account the basic user won’t use 0.33 of the electricity, therefore Huawei nova 2s in 100 minutes will be fully charged and from the figure will be seen Nova 2s in 30 minutes was filled with 41st of the charge, in line with the 18W fast charge performance, fully meet the heavy user’s daily use.

6th, summed up: Price and performance coexist comparable “flagship”

Huawei nova 2s This handset positioning within the young market, however, it’s the appearance of performance or performance, have reached the flagship level.

Appearance, Nova 2s with double-sided glass and full-screen design, has a visual impact, while maintaining excellent hand feeling, smooth and delicate glass material, coupled with the sleek design of the phone four corners, therefore nova 2s feel additional One floor, and front fingerprint design within the use of convenient but also increased the value of the phone.

Huawei nova 2s system uses EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0 system, equipped with a Kirin 960 chip performance, not solely will keep the system while not a catapult, but also take into account the sleek operation of large games, has been able to shoulder to shoulder with the flagship phone.

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In the image, front and rear the four blessing lens, so nova 2s camera reached the flagship mobile phone effect, the front will shoot the background blur, rear portrait performance is also excellent. In terms of charging Huawei nova 2s using 18W fast charge, simply an hour and a half to full of blood revival, life with Kirin 960 excellent energy consumption ratio, now daily multi-tasking is no any issue. 

Huawei Nova series was born in 2016, dating back simply a year, however the sales are excellent, we are able to see that Huawei chose a young man’s pain point, one is that the appearance of high worth, the second is that the performance of the photo will be to achieve the flagship level, to seize these 2 points, essentially seize the sales. In general, from Huawei nova 2s, we see Huawei is changing. Huawei is making an attempt to alter the temperament of its business elites and hug young people more violently. The Nova series is that the pioneer of Huawei within the current market.


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