Huawei Nova 4 Concept Design: Micro Notch With Big Screen Ratio


Huawei Nova 3‘s unharness very makes everyone’s eyes shine, however, it’s still Notch’s style or let everybody feel that there’s a shadow of imitating iPhoneX, therefore the foreign media create a group of abstract style drawings for this criticism. during this set of abstract style drawings, The Huawei new machine was named Huawei Nova 4, and also the look was terribly stunning. Notch was partly redesigned.

Huawei Nova4’s screen magnitude relation is larger than that of the previous generation of mobile phones, and it additionally adopts the planning plan of left and right wiggly screens. {the reason|the magnitude relationnale|the explanation} why the screen ratio has become larger is principal that the realm of the Notch half has been reduced, {and the|and therefore the|and additionally, the} space of the lower frame half has also been reduced, therefore the screen magnitude relation has become larger.

Huawei’s Nova 4’s Notch half solely uses the micro-Notch style, that solely designed the front twin camera to be designed in Notch’ and there’s no redundant style. However, from the idea map, Huawei Nova 4 won’t be equipped with a face recognition unlocking module, as a result of such a tiny low Notch isn’t any place to feature this module.

Huawei Nova4 has designed a fingerprint recognition module on the rear of the body, therefore the fingerprint recognition unlocking estimate won’t exist on the screen. perhaps this can be for value style concerns.

Huawei Nova 4 body material is alleged to be made from a glass material, and there’s no wireless charging module within the body remains unknown, however, the private recommendation is to style a wireless charging module is healthier, as a result of there’s no Huawei transportable is supplied with a wireless charging module.

Huawei Nova4’s rear camera remains a dual-lens style. It doesn’t use a rear-mounted three-lens style just like Huawei’s P20 Pro. maybe Huawei’s Nova 4 isn’t a flagship camera phone, therefore it’ll adopt this style.

The performance of Huawei Nova 4 remains unknown. If there’s no accident, there ought to be Kirin 980 blessing, and Huawei Nova 4i will be launched. perhaps Huawei Nova 4i is the Kirin 970 processor, however, the performance is value trying forward to. Huawei’s new machine performance is comparatively sturdy.

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