Huawei Nova 5i Review: Next Level Smartphone in the Flagship Market


At the beginning of the launch, the Huawei nova series attracted the attention of countless young fashion darlings. In August last year, the domestic shipment of the Nova 3 series exceeded 2 million units in one month, creating the fastest record of the Nova series.

Relying on Huawei’s strong design capabilities and channel sales capabilities, as well as the marketing team’s marketing skills, the Huawei nova series, which was not optimistic at the beginning, is now described as a big worry for O/V.

However, the marketing ability is strong, and finally, the user has to rely on the product’s own excellent quality. In the nova generation products, the design and mobile phone photography have always been listed as the top priority. This aspect is in line with the young people’s pursuit of fashion and fashion. On the other hand, the Nova series has created a full product selling point.

The newly released Huawei nova 5i is also the same, inheriting the family gene of the Nova series of high-value photos, the body has magical night black, Su Yin blue, honey red three color options, the front adopts the pole full-screen design With the ultra-narrow bezel around, it effectively increases the screen ratio.

The Huawei nova 5i is equipped with 6GB/8GB storage. The storage standard is 128GB, and the rear is four cameras. The front is a 24 million AI camera. In addition, Huawei nova 5i is also equipped with 4000mAh battery, the body runs EMUI 9.1 customized system based on Android 9.0, providing new GPU Turbo, Xiaoyi voice assistant and other features.

Design & Appearance

Huawei’s nova 5i uses a 6.4-inch “pole full screen” using the under-the-lens lens technology to hide the lens under the LCD screen, achieving a complete four-sided shape without the shape of the screen, avoiding the occlusion caused by the bang design, achieving 84.2% Screen ratio.

The screen resolution is 2310×1080 (FHD+). There is no heavy bangs or large water droplets on the forehead. Instead, the “pole” hole is used to give the user a visual enjoyment without any “bar”.

Although the boring screen and the water drop screen are also circular, the visual effects and experience are not comparable. The technical difficulty of the two can’t be compared. The author thinks that the boring screen is under the screen. Before the application of the camera, the best solution to the problem of the front camera is that it does not have the weight of the body and the easy accumulation of dust caused by the mechanical structure, but also solves the “aesthetic decline” brought by the water drop screen and Notch.

Technically, Huawei nova 5i did not choose a simple through-hole solution but chose a more difficult blind hole solution. The difficulty of the blind hole solution is that it does not directly dig through the entire screen, but mounts the lens on the LCD screen. The lower layer, which results in a smaller frontal aperture, has a final custom lens diameter of 3.05mm, which is 20% shorter than a normal lens. The screen opening diameter is 4.5mm, which is 33% shorter than the Samsung A8S.

In general, the blind hole scheme has an inevitable defect compared to the through-hole scheme: because the liquid crystal panel is not completely open, the camera is covered with ten layers of film, which will inevitably affect the light transmittance, and different liquid crystal film layers will cause Light is absorbed, color cast, and blurred.

Huawei nova 5i uses high-precision dispensing technology and other innovative processes to effectively prevent edge leakage of the screen hole area to achieve a gap design of only 0.2mm between the lens and LCD backlight layer, and finally improve the transmittance to the through the hole. The program is almost at the same level.

Then look at the back cover part, the young people’s pursuit of color trends is part of their flamboyant personality. The Huawei nova series has always been deeply immersed in this and has formed its own style in the color matching of mobile phones. The color of each new product is Representing the right to speak of personality, this time, the three color matching dark nights, Su Yin blue and secret language red also represent Huawei’s new interpretation of the current trend.

Not just a gradient color design, Huawei nova 5i is superimposed with a layer of glare film on the gradient ink coating. The transparent diaphragm can change the light in the sunlight, and the glare is bright. On the one hand, it is gradualist. In the case that the plastic body is not dominant, the two are combined romantically and lively on the Huawei nova 5i. The rear four cameras are 24MP HD + 8MP super wide angles + 2MP macros + 2MP depth of field pixels. The body adopts a hyperbolic 3D design, the grip is ergonomic, the back battery cover is slightly full, the middle frame and the front glass are round and smooth, and the grip is very comfortable.

When we look closely at the top earpiece area, we can see that the earpiece is not a popular face. The Huawei nova 5i uses a micro-slot earpiece technology to ingeniously increase the width of the earpiece and reduce the height, and design a slim micro-slot earpiece. Therefore, the frame of the mobile phone becomes narrower, and the volume and effect of the earpiece are kept unchanged; the width of the chin is a good level of the mid-range model.

There is only one noise-reduction microphone on the top of the fuselage. There is no other redundant design. The look and feel are better. The 3.5mm headphone jack is reserved at the bottom of the fuselage. It is also a rare presence in this year’s new mobile phone. It comes with a pair of 3.5mm. headset.

Standard 10W charging head, 5V/2A, 10W single specification output, there should be students worried about the charging speed of 4000mAh large battery, we will do specific tests in the battery life.


As the design of the mobile phone, the camera aspect of the Huawei nova series is also its main feature and attraction. In the Nova products of the past generations, the hardware specifications of the camera never fell below other mobile phone manufacturers.

This time, the Huawei nova 5i upgraded the camera specifications to the “quasi-flagship” level. The rear four-shot uses 24 million HD (f1.8 aperture) + 8 million super wide angle (f2.4 aperture) + 2 million macro distance. +2 million depth of field full scene AI configuration.

The picture above shows the distribution of the rear camera of Huawei nova 5i. The mobile phone is different from an SLR camera. The SLR camera can replace the lens freely. Just replace the corresponding lens to get the effect you want. The mobile phone lens is fixed in the camera body. The main camera has only normal shooting function. If you want to shoot In the distant landscape, you need to add a telephoto lens. If you want to have a better blur effect, you need to add a depth of field lens. If you want to shoot a larger field of view, you need to have a short-focus wide-angle lens.

In the official propaganda, Huawei’s nova 5i is equipped with a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. The 120-degree lens is very close to the limit of the wide-angle lens. It can triple the camera’s field of view. The macro plus depth-of-field is also a program launched by Huawei in recent years. The official promotion of China is Huawei. Nova 5i’s 2-megapixel high-definition macro lens can achieve 4 cm macro shooting, the specific ability of our real shot in the proof.

Huawei nova 5i 8MP ultra wide-angle lens coverage angle of 120 °, through the above sample comparison, can be seen, after opening the super wide-angle mode, the drawing is significantly expanded, so that you can get a wider view and a lot of different gameplay for users to explore.

After turning on the super macro mode, the original plant would immediately show a new look on the screen of the mobile phone, and the door of the micro world would open.

After turning on the night scene mode, Huawei nova 5i will stabilize the picture with its own AI algorithm, and at most four seconds, it can improve the dynamic range of night scene photos. It can be seen in the proofs, and it can still achieve high brightness and accuracy under the dark environment. The details of the texture are restored.


The battery capacity of Huawei nova 5i has been increased to 4000 mAh, and the endurance performance can continue to improve. We will look at the test.

Online video playback

We chose B station for online video playback power consumption test, more than an hour from the hearty Marvel fighting hero to the antique beauty bedroom mirror dressing, a visual feast.

The brightness of the screen is set to 50%, the volume is 30%, the highest quality is turned on, the time is 2:50-4:00, the power is 20%-9%, and the total power consumption is 11% in 1 hour and 10 minutes. The end of the hour is completely no problem.

Game endurance test

Here we use “Glory of the King” as the test project for the game life, the highest quality in the test. The same screen brightness and volume as the video playback, the time is from 10:20-11:20, the power is 46%-34%, and the total power consumption is 12% in one hour, which means that the battery can be played continuously for more than 9 hours. And thanks to good performance, the entire game process is also very smooth.

Charging speed test

Huawei nova 5i has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and charging power of 10 W. In the case of a large battery with low power, it eventually rushes from 0% to 100% for 120 minutes.


Huawei’s nova 5i is powered by Huawei’s latest EMUI 9.1 system, which is flat and fresh and is also in line with Huawei’s nova 5i’s youthful fashion positioning, which also echoes the appearance of the body.

Xiaoyi voice assistant

The traditional voice assistant is upgraded here again. Xiaoyi not only supports simple commands such as voice search, screen brightness adjustment or WeChat red envelope, but also can perform many intelligent visual operations, including map shopping, intelligent translation, and physical calories. Wait.

In addition, we can also touch a lot of operations through Xiaoyi, such as sending friends, using Alipay to charge, paying water and electricity, and opening video-like apps to watch movies, variety shows, booking tickets, train tickets, and hotels. Can be achieved by awakening Xiaoyi.

It is also very important and interesting to have learning ability. It supports custom semantic skills. Just wake up Xiaoyi and say “I want to teach you XXXX” to start its skill learning mode, as long as the operation is completed, it can be recorded. In the memory of Xiaoyi.

For example, tell Xiaoyi that I want to teach you to take a taxi home, and then carry out a series of operations to take a normal taxi home. Then I finish learning. When I call out Xiaoyi again, I will say that when I get home by car, the mobile phone will open the navigation app directly. Jump to the taxi interface.

EROFS file system

Although the name is eye-catching, in fact, some common sense users have been exposed, especially for PC users. For example, when a single file starts to break through 4GB+, FAT32 cannot support it due to its inherent limitations, thus pushing the NTFS format to the historical stage. Android relies on Linux, so the main file systems include exFAT, F2FS, ext4, and more.

The point where the design goal of EROFS differs from other existing read-only systems is that it uses an improved compression algorithm to ensure space saving while improving performance and speed. The application starts faster and the random read performance increases by an average of 20%.

On the same generation of mobile phone system platforms, EROFS has obvious advantages in terms of random and sequential read data compared to other devices.


Everyone sees this part of the evaluation, Huawei nova 5i features should have been clear at a glance, such as the pole full screen to enhance the screen ratio and front face value; rear AI four camera and front 24 million cameras in the hard power of the camera; IQ Super high voice assistant Xiaoyi and so on.

In terms of performance, the Huawei nova 5i is equipped with the Kirin 710. Under the new GPU Turbo support of Huawei’s own killing, it can still be stabilized in the high frame rate game (“Glory of the King”). The smooth experience like the game is also reflected in All aspects of use, such as application open speed, gallery image loading speed and so on.

In terms of battery life, the 4000mAh large battery combined with the low-power processor finally achieved more than ten hours of battery life, which is a first-class level regardless of the price.

The final form of a mobile phone must be the maximum satisfaction of the target user. Huawei nova 5i finally chooses the two aspects of the body design and mobile phone as a breakthrough point and also weighs the user’s demand.

We can see from the Huawei nova 5i that the Nova series has evolved. Together with the P series and the Mate series, it forms the Trident combination of the Huawei mobile phone brand.

Looking at the evolution of the past, looking at the current situation, we can boldly make inferences, Huawei nova series will become a strong growth point for Huawei mobile phones, and then promote Huawei mobile phones to the global mobile phone manufacturers TOP1.

Update on July 4, 2019

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