Huawei Nova 6 5G Review: is No.1 DxO Selfie King Smartphone


Selfies and playing games are eternal topics for contemporary young people. To pursue a faster and better experience, 5G mobile phones are essential. The new member of the Huawei nova family, the Huawei Nova 6 series, is an exclusive 5G mobile phone representative for young people.

Young consumers, especially female consumers, pay more attention to face value and selfies when buying mobile phones. However, as a digital product condensing cutting-edge technology, the topic has always been dominated by male users, causing most manufacturers’ models to have Aiming at “straight men” groups, with a constant emphasis on technology, performance, and muscles, the female group is more or less easily overlooked.

The combination of the above two wind directions has led to the lack of performance and self-portraits of most of the main female consumer groups on the market. The mature solutions are used, and some cutting-edge highlights cannot be seen.

The emergence of the Huawei nova series is to change this situation. Instead of making a hollow vase, while taking into account the high-profile appearance and excellent self-timer capabilities, it is also necessary to let the cutting-edge technology go hand in hand and become a veritable “Goddess Harvester”.

As the flagship first entry of the nova series into the 5G era, the Huawei nova6 series has brought a new color and ID that are still fashionable and unexpectedly presented a 105 ° front ultra-wide-angle dual camera, which is even more difficult to predict. Huawei nova6 5G supports Huawei’s cutting-edge 5G SA / NSA dual-mode dual-card and is equipped with the new flagship chip of the Kirin 990 series. The rear module even uses the same super-sensitive outsole main camera as its older brother Mate series / P series.

This means that the Huawei nova6 series is not only one of the best selfie phones in the world, but also the 5G SA / NSA dual-mode dual-card, which is currently not supported by the current flagship mobile phones in the industry. The coverage of the most cutting-edge technology of Netcom allows us to see different goddess mobile phones that are “soft outside and strong inside”.

Design & Appearance

In terms of ID design, Nova has never lost. This time, Huawei’s nova6 series brought four color schemes: Provence, Honey Red, Su Yin Blue, and Bright Black. We got the Provence-matched Huawei nova6 5G.

In the Huawei nova product line, the pole screen solution was first verified on the Huawei nova 4. This work further adopted a 6.57-inch dual camera pole full screen. The resolution of this screen of Huawei nova6 series is 2400 * 1080, and two cameras are placed on the screen by using double-blind hole technology.

The front of the Huawei nova6 series uses ultra-narrow bezel design. The width of the upper bezel is 2.10mm, the lower bezel is 3.90mm, the left and right bezels are 1.84mm, and the screen ratio is 91.46%. Today, 5G mobile phones are almost all bulky. The size of the Huawei nova6 5G is very well controlled, 162.7mm long, 75.8mm wide, and only 8.98mm thick. The 3D curved glass design on the back is very round and slim.

This is Nova ’s first attempt to use the power button and unlock two-in-one side fingerprint keys. It is said to be the narrowest 2.4mm fingerprint module in the industry. Compared to screen fingerprints, it is faster to unlock and has a higher success rate. Compared to rear fingerprints, Unlocking ensures airframe integrity.

Appearance design and face value ID are the fields that Nova has devoted much attention to. The most obvious performance of this is its back of the fuselage, catching up with the trend: from nova3’s original gradient blue to purple, to nova4’s honey red flowing glare. Then to the Qijing Forest of the nova5 series, each nova mobile phone is constantly challenging the limits of appearance design and face value ID, bringing a stunning sensory experience.

In our hands is the color of Provence. It’s light and shadow effects, color changes and sense of space are deeper than the previous generation nova flagship product. On the back of the phone body, you can see that it integrates rich luster, texture, and color, and pays homage to the sky of the P30 series, but it is not the same. The bottom of the Huawei nova6 series is a USB Type-C interface. There are single-row speakers and SIM card slots on both sides, and there is no 3.5mm headphone jack.


Taking pictures, especially selfies, is just for ordinary young people today. The ability of a mobile phone to take pictures has become an important criterion for judging the quality of a mobile phone. This point has always been the focus of polishing of the Huawei Nova series:

From nova2s’s 20MP dual cameras, to “poster-level selfie” nova 3, to nova 4 with front-facing 25MP high-definition lenses, and to nova5 with night-time selfie function, every flagship of Huawei’s nova series is radical on the road to selfies Promotion.

In fact, to solve the nova5 self-timer in the dark light environment, it has been difficult to think of the mobile phone’s self-timer in which areas can be further developed. What is more unexpected is that Huawei’s nova6 series chose to make a breakthrough from the perspective of a dual-camera system. It is equipped with a 32-megapixel high-definition main lens + 8-megapixel 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens to form a dual-camera.

This means that users can use it to achieve more gameplay, such as taking selfies with multiple people, such as recording ultra-wide-angle vlogs. It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova6 5G tops the DxOMARK selfie score in the authoritative image testing agency and crowns the king of DxOMARK selfies.

The 8-megapixel 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens on the front of the Huawei nova6 series can accommodate a wider format, and you can see selfies at the same location. As long as you open more ultra-wide-angle modes, you can accommodate more content. Do n’t worry about taking selfies together. Can’t hold others. Going out can record more photos of yourself and the scenery.

It is worth noting that the front camera of the ordinary mobile phone is a fixed focus lens, which will be too close and too far away. And Huawei nova 6 5G supports autofocus, which can achieve self-timer autofocus within a distance of 20cm to 120cm.

Huawei nova6 series can also achieve AI HDR + where the background light source is relatively strong while avoiding background overexposure and underexposure of portraits.

It can be seen that the Huawei nova6 series reduces the noise of the picture, the picture is less noisy, and the night scene is transparent and pure. During the shooting process, Huawei nova6 series supports AI to automatically start portrait night scenes without any manual adjustments, which can increase the brightness of the dark part of the screen, thereby improving the contrast and sharpness of the screen and restoring more details.


The Huawei nova 6 series of camera stacks are particularly noteworthy. The rear-mounted camera has a 40-megapixel super-sensitive main camera that was previously only seen in the Mate / P series. Another 8-megapixel 3x optical zoom lens and 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens make up Photo.

The 40MP ultra-sensitive lens IMX600 we have previously experienced on Huawei ’s phone emperor works. Huawei nova6 5G benefits from its new RYYB filter array design with a large aperture of f / 1.8, and a single pixel of 2.0 μm. With more light, the ISO is as high as 204800.

Huawei nova 6 5G also has an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens that supports 120 ° ultra-wide-angle photography, accommodates a wider field of view, and enhances the sense of depth and space of the picture.

The 8-megapixel telephoto lens of Huawei nova6 5G supports 3x optical zoom and OIS optical image stabilization. Even after multi-zoom, with optical image stabilization and fast laser focusing, it can suppress jitter and increase the film rate.



Kirin 990 adopts the current top 7nm process technology, an 8-core CPU, a new 16-core Mali-G76 GPU, and a self-developed DaVinci architecture NPU.

In terms of CPU, Kirin 990 uses a three-stage energy efficiency architecture with 2 super-large cores (developed based on Cortex-A76) + 2 large cores (developed based on Cortex-A76) + 4 small cores (Cortex-A55). The highest frequency is up to 2.86GHz.

In terms of GPUs, Kirin 990 is equipped with Huawei ’s world-first 16-core Mali-G76 GPU, which can save up to 15% of bandwidth and reduce power consumption by 12% in previous high-bandwidth scenarios such as heavy-duty games. Kirin 990 is also the first flagship chip to use Huawei’s self-developed DaVinci architecture NPU.

5G Test Experience

Huawei has invested in 5G R & D for more than 10 years, with 5G core patents accounting for more than 20%, ranking first in the industry.

Huawei nova6 5G supports 5G dual-mode full Netcom. At present, it is fully adapted to the 5G / 4G / 3G / 2G frequency bands of the three major domestic operators, and supports 5G dual-mode full Netcom. It also supports 5G + 4G dual-card dual standby, 5G and 4G cards. Can be online at the same time, you can do one card 5G VoLTE, dual card VoLTE voice, Internet access. This time we conducted a road test for Huawei nova6 5G. The location was randomly selected in a street in Zhengzhou with 5G network coverage.

Network anchoring

Before the official commercialization of 5G networks, I was impressed by the pain of anchoring 5G networks. At that time, the author encountered the most times is that the anchoring performance and stability between the operator’s base station and terminal are worrying.

Previously, the author met different terminals from different brands more than once. After accessing the anchor point, the beacon and the data network all fell back to LTE mode. Some models had to manually restart the phone repeatedly to switch from LTE to 5G. In a certain 5G mobile phone test, I even needed engineers to help with manual access.

This has a certain relationship with the mode principle of the LTE + 5G base station that the NSA networking has to adopt at the same time: The NSA networking mode cannot be separated from the 4G base station for independent networking, and the debugging of the neighboring cells has become an urgent problem to be overcome.

From the above, we can see that Huawei nova6 5G switched from 4G to 5G and anchored without any delay. This conversion is even faster than switching between our 4G / 3G / 2G networks. In addition, the 5G drive test we conducted was a purely natural anchoring connection, without any manual intervention for tuning. It can be seen that the NSA network of operators has matured, and the compatibility between Huawei nova6 5G supporting the SA / NSA 5G dual-module network and the operator’s network has reached a certain level.

5G network speed measurement

In terms of network speed, we use mainstream Speedtest software for testing. It needs to be mentioned that operators are not absolutely stable, and the final network speed results may differ from the ideal network speed. Huawei nova6 5G network speed measurement on the left, iPhone11 4G network speed measurement on the right

Due to the limitations of the on-site network environment, neither the 4G network nor the 5G network can reach the ideal peak under laboratory conditions. The above is the 4G and 5G network speed tests performed by the author at the same test site. It can be seen that in our test environment, the download speed of Huawei nova6 5G 5G network is 9 times that of the iPhone11 4G network, and the upload speed is 9.3 times that of the latter.

In such a 5G network environment, downloading the application can achieve the effect of reading the progress bar immediately after clicking, and there is almost no loading time when the webpage is opened. Click to open the page. Pull the progress bar of 1080P online video at will, you can hardly see any buffer under the 5G network environment, and the buffering is basically completed in an instant.

Network Delay Experience

The author has always been concerned about network delays. Next, we test the delays in daily use scenarios. The specific test solution is the pingbaidu homepage that can be reproduced by everyone. I will use Huawei nova6 5G to ping under the 5G network to compare the iPhone 11 test results under the 4G network.

The above is the delay performance of Huawei nova6 5G (left) 5G network ping Baidu, iPhone 11 ping Baidu on 4G network. It can be seen that the average delay under the 4G network is 39.6ms, and the average delay under the 5G network is 26.5ms. The 5G network latency of Huawei nova6 5G is about 13.1ms lower than the iPhone 11 in the 4G network environment, which can be said to be the most obvious improvement I have seen so far. Of course, compared with the ideal state of 1ms delay that has been advertised by a large number of media, there is still a distance.

Mainly because the current 5G phase is dominated by the NSA networking mode, the user plane transmits through 5G, and the control plane signaling still transmits through 4G. In other words, the total delay in the non-independent networking mode is the 4G control plane signaling delay plus the 5G user plane delay, and then the Internet delay. Therefore, at the current stage, it is not only the game delay that is subject to the operator. The network delay of all 5G mobile phones under daily use cannot be significantly improved. Only in the future when the SA networking model is perfected and the obstacle of 4G control plane signaling delay is kicked off, lower and more ideal delays can be achieved.

It is worth mentioning that currently only Huawei’s 5G mobile phones fully support the SA / NSA 5G dual-module network. That is to say, no matter what stage, period, and network environment, Huawei nova6 5G can be smoothly transitioned and used normally.


The battery of mobile phones is getting bigger year by year, unknowingly 3000 milliamp hours has almost become history, and all manufacturers are beginning to care about battery life. Huawei nova6 5G has a large 4200mAh battery while insisting on a thin and light body. Next, let’s know how its battery life is through our evaluation.

Clear the background, turn off Bluetooth, turn off GPS, turn on Wi-Fi, I use Bilibili client to play online barrage video, 20% volume, 70% brightness. Starting from 100% power, after 1 hour, the remaining power is 90%. Power consumption is 10%.


In terms of wired charging specifications, Huawei nova 6 does not distinguish between high and low, and all are equipped with 40W super-fast charging as standard. With the 4200 mAh large battery returning blood from 2% to 99%, Huawei Nova6 5G only took 50 minutes.


In retrospect, in fact, starting from the nova 5 series, in addition to the two main selling points of the high-value and selfie of this series, other configurations have also been significantly upgraded. For example, Huawei nova5 series quickly inherited the excellent capabilities of the original flagship, such as the rear super night view, Kirin 980, and the Ark compiler.

In this generation of Huawei’s Nova 6 series, this point is even more striking and prominent: the same RYB ultra-light main camera of the same Mate / P series, a new application of Huawei’s strongest core Kirin 990 mobile platform. These are all due to Huawei’s previously established strategy: at the appropriate time, the features of the flagship phone will be gradually decentralized, so that the nova series can get more support and allow more consumers to enjoy high-quality products.

Prior to this, Huawei has released a dual-mode 5G mobile phone that supports SA / NSA. The biggest benefit is that it avoids the 5G evolution from the NSA network in the initial period of network construction to the SA network. Users need to change to a new phone to continue using 5G. The situation arises. Not only save the replacement cost but also not worry about the inadequacy of 4G / 5G switching. Thanks to the verification and exploration of many advanced models, Huawei nova6 5G mobile phones also support dual-mode to meet the 5G rigid needs.

Through experience testing, we also found that the selfie is still the basic disk of Huawei nova series in Huawei brand mobile phones, and even the entire mobile phone industry. The exclusive self-timer night scene algorithm solves many problems that trouble young users for a long time, such as nighttime self-timer, front wide-angle shooting, and front group photo. The upgrade and polishing of the above characteristics make the nova series, which was very popular in appearance ID and color matching, take a step forward in a comprehensive performance.

Previously, we knew that Huawei’s nova series is best at stylish mid-to-high-end models. The predecessor nova5 Pro made us realize that its ability to build an all-round flagship is not bad. This work shows us the potential of a nova in the 5G era. For young people who are looking for quality and taking photos, in the 5G era, Huawei nova 6 5G should be considered as the first choice among flagship works.


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