Huawei Nova 8 SE Review: A Lightweight 5G Mid-Range Killer


Huawei’s nova series mobile phones, which have accumulated over 100 million users worldwide, have once again released the Huawei Nova 8 SE in the Huawei nova 8 series. It inherits the excellent genes of the nova series in appearance design and camera capabilities. With 66W super-fast charging, high-value, 5G, and all-round imaging systems, it has become a product that understands young people better.

For most 5G mobile phones on the market, slim, 5G, and performance seem to be difficult to have at the same time. The Huawei nova 8 SE series achieves a balance of the three with its innovative design. The body thickness is 7.46mm and the weight is about 178g, creating a lightweight model with distinctive features.

In addition, Huawei nova 8 SE adopts the 66W Huawei super-fast charging solution and optimizes it through the combination of Huawei software and hardware to bring a more stable, more reliable, and smooth 5G connection experience.

Design & Appearance

As a brand belonging to young people, Huawei’s nova series has always adhered to fashion and youthfulness, and its high appearance is also a deep-rooted inheritance gene of Huawei’s nova series. Huawei nova 8 SE is no exception.

Huawei nova 8 SE follows Huawei’s own classic aesthetic design genes, boldly incorporates tough lines, and the vertical middle frame with a metallic luster texture blends harmoniously with the four-end R angle. Whether it’s the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the fuselage, or the four-camera matrix module on the back, they all show such tough straight lines. This design concept derived from three-dimensional geometry makes us seem to see the figure of Huawei P6 which was popular in the country a few years ago. The color matching of the product inherits the high-value genes of the previous Nova 6 series.

The back of the Huawei nova 8 SE adopts the CMF design process with a three-dimensional light and shadow effect. The deep-sea blue color in our hands has undergone a multi-layer color plating process, showing a dark blue from shallow to deep. On this basis, the rear camera module on the back of the fuselage presents a star-shaped glare at the center.

In addition to the deep sea blue color scheme, Huawei nova 8 SE also brings different styles of color schemes such as Sakura Snow Clear Sky, Silver Moon Stars, Magic Night Black, etc. There is always a color that can make you “call at a glance.”

This time the Huawei nova 8 SE is equipped with a 6.53-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080, which is relatively slender, suitable for watching movies, dramas, and gaming entertainment.

In addition, the quality of this screen is better, its P3 color gamut has reached 100%, and the OLED screen is inherently colorful and vivid, and supports HDR 10 display.

Thanks to the addition of the OLED screen, Huawei nova 8 SE supports in-screen fingerprint unlocking and provides 3 unlocking animations to choose from, which improves the visual integration effect of the entire body.

Fast 5G

As a core capability, 5G is the top priority of  nova 8 SE. The machine uses an integrated 5G baseband chip solution, 7nm process blessing, and SA/NSA dual-mode compatibility.

In addition to the hardware aspect that does not compromise on 5G performance, Huawei nova 8 SE is unique in 5G signal algorithms. As a mobile phone for young people, entering and exiting office buildings, residential areas and other multi-elevator scenes are almost daily routines. For this reason, Huawei has developed an elevator mode without fear of signal blind spots and residential signal residence.

In actual experience, this feature has also been well verified. Start the Speedtest network speed measurement in the elevator covered by 5G signal, and then enter the elevator to observe the signal status and the results of the speed measurement software.

It can be seen that after opening Speedtest outside the elevator, nova 8 SE successfully connected to China Unicom’s 5G signal node and started speed measurement, reaching 700Mbps or more, which is a typical 5G network speed measurement.

At this time, I entered the elevator and the network environment changed. The elevator was indeed a blind spot for 5G signals. The mobile phone switched back to 4G, but thanks to the intelligent algorithm recognition and signal residency, the speed measurement software were still running smoothly, and it ran down in the elevator. Excellent results under 69Mbps 4G network.

It can be seen that nova 8 SE keeps users’ insensitivity to network throughput changes to the greatest extent in the elevator area, which can be called a blind spot, and guarantees users a good experience in a real and complex environment.

We understand that Huawei nova 8 SE can identify the scene of users entering and exiting elevators through intelligent algorithms based on changes in network signals. In this scenario, the 5G signal intelligent detection technology carried by nova 8 SE can trigger the searched high-standard network in time, search by storing historical frequency points, and combine the current network signal strength and perform rapid self-checking and active detection. The more it recovers, it will trigger the mechanism of staying on the high-standard network in time, solve the problem of 5G network unavailability, and create a smart 5G experience anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, nova 8 SE also supports the 5G cell signal camping function. Through the platform’s intelligent learning algorithm, the mobile phone can preferentially camp in the cell with a good 5G experience to ensure user perception.

In addition, for the 5G network communication itself, Huawei nova 8 SE also has a 4-antenna smart design, Link Turbo (intelligent selection and management of communication networks to solve the dilemma of frequent manual switching of cellular and Wi-Fi due to network congestion), etc. A series of technologies, it can be said that Huawei nova 8 SE has already solved the communication problems that users worry about.


Taking pictures is an indispensable way of life for young people. The comprehensive imaging capabilities of Huawei nova 8 SE are also relatively good-equipped with a four-camera system consisting of a 64 Megapixel main camera + 8 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2 Megapixel depth of field lens + 2 Megapixel macro lens, allowing young users to wantonly Freeze the beautiful moments and enjoy the beauty of light and shadow.

The advantage of the ultra-wide-angle lens is self-evident. It can present users with more informative content in a limited viewing space, and the white balance and algorithm adjustment tendency are almost indistinguishable from the main camera, and there will be no obvious drop or gap after switching the lens. A sense of fragmentation.

Young people take photos and pictures daily and want to gain more appreciation and praise. They not only need to highlight the best-looking subjects, but also have the right background blur, but also make the proofs show a high-end feel. The 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens equipped with Huawei nova 8 SE is responsible for calculating the depth-of-field information and cooperating with the main camera to make the photos more layered.

The picture style of the macro lens is consistent with that of the main camera, providing a closer shooting distance, allowing users to easily capture micro-information and see many details.

In addition, short videos have become a new trend in social media, and young people shooting Vlog has become a trendy lifestyle. Huawei nova 8 SE supports 4K high-definition video shooting and provides front and rear video time-lapse photography. Whether it is shooting a natural scenery or makeup tutorial, you can easily shoot creative blockbusters.


Young people, who are heavy users of mobile phones, use their mobile phones to watch live broadcasts, turn on black, take photos, scan short videos, and scan Weibo. They are most afraid of sudden battery power failure, or even a black screen shutdown. The brand-new Huawei nova 8 SE is equipped with the same 66W Huawei super fast charge of the Mate40 series. It only takes about half an hour to fully charge, allowing you to call instantly and immediately return blood.

The 66W Huawei super-fast charging solution of the new nova 8 SE adopts Huawei’s self-developed “single-core, dual-channel and three-electrode” technology. Through the shunt technology of the protection board and the battery cell, the equivalent impedance and heat consumption of the path is reduced, and The technical limitations of the traditional single-cell and dual-cell fast-charging solutions enable “two-way charging with one cell”. In actual experience, it took about 32 minutes for the Huawei nova 8 SE with 66W fast charge to charge the 3800mAh battery to 100%.

Observing the charging process, you will find that when the battery is low, the charging power of Huawei nova 8 SE will be almost full. In just 10 minutes, the battery will be charged from 2% to 47%. With the increase of power, the charging power of Huawei nova 8 SE will gradually decrease and gradually enter the trickle mode. This is not to say that mobile phone manufacturers have deliberately slowed down the charging speed, but that lithium batteries require this kind of quick and slow charging mode, which takes into account the charging speed and battery durability.

In addition to the charging speed, users are also very concerned about the temperature during charging. Huawei nova 8 SE feels cool when charging, and the heat conducted to the body is basically the same as the surface temperature of the human body. This is mainly due to its newly upgraded single-core dual-channel three-electrode fast charging technology, which has lower resistance than traditional single-core technology, reduces energy loss during internal voltage conversion, and reduces battery heating temperature.

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The highlight of this generation of Huawei nova 8 SE is that it inherits and strengthens the iconic high-value appearance of nova. Based on Huawei’s own classic design language, it incorporates a unique aesthetic geometric cubism tough line design, reaching 178 grams. Ultra-lightweight and thickness of only 7.46mm, it seeks the ultimate balance in appearance, design, and practicality.

In addition, what surprised the author the most was that Huawei was able to put its current cutting-edge 66W super fast charge into such a non-flagship model. This is how Huawei nova 8 SE can recover nearly 50% of the battery in ten minutes. The key point is that such specifications are even far better than those of ordinary flagships, not to mention models of the same price, allowing young people to call instantly in the fast-paced life, without dropping the line.

Huawei nova 8 SE has been deeply optimized through software and hardware collaboration to achieve a perfect balance of performance and power consumption. It further supports 5G+5G dual card dual standby (upgrade support is required), without fear of signal loss and getting rid of network stalls. Bring a smoother full-time 5G experience to young users.

In a diversified world, even if they are all young people, due to different needs, they have their own answers to the “worth” and “good” of mobile phones. For example, some people love fever performance, and some people chase a long battery life. , Some are obsessed with images… and Huawei nova 8 SE is a special work prepared for young users who pay attention to trendy design and enjoyable charging experience.


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