Huawei Officially Launches WATCH GT 2 Pro Smartwatch at 329 Euros


Huawei has brought a new and upgraded smartwatch, the WATCH GT 2 Pro, with an improved look, richer sport modes and the ability to save your life if you get lost outdoors.

As an update to the WATCH GT 2, the WATCH GT 2 Pro still has a round dial and a 1.39-inch OLED panel, but it features a new sapphire glass mirror design for a tougher, more durable look.

In terms of casting technology, titanium metal material commonly used in the high precision field is used to cast the surface, which can reduce the weight of the surface, enhance the abrasion resistance and reduce knock damage. Meanwhile, there is also a precise ceramic back shell, which can support waterproof, high temperature resistant and scratch resistant, and further improve the wearing comfort.

The dial design adds new phases of the moon, astrology, tidal division, can display the time of sunrise and sunset every day, and supports 8 phases of the moon, but also can display the tide changes in real time, to meet the interests of different users, different scene needs.

In terms of sports, there are two new professional modes of skiing and golf driving range, and more than 100 types of sports have been supported. It can be said that there is almost anything you can do, such as going uphill or diving into the sea, swimming, cycling and yoga for fitness. There is always one kind that suits you.

Especially for the outdoor adventure of the “travelers”, the new watch joined the professional track return function for the first time, can be guided back through the original way, no longer afraid of getting lost.

In addition, it supports 6 kinds of motion pattern automatic recognition and 85 kinds of custom motion recording experience.
About other specifications, there is 32MB memory, 4GB storage, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, 50 meters waterproof, and support fast charging, reverse wireless charging.

Isn’t that a lot of power? Don’t worry, the battery has a capacity of 455mAh and lasts for up to two weeks.

The Huawei WATCH GT 2 Pro, priced at 329 euros ($2665) for the sport model and 349 euros ($2825) for the classic model, which went on sale this month.


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