Huawei P10 Components and Real Photos Leaked: Dual Camera and Front Fingerprint Scanner


Huawei will release the new product at MWC 2017, although there is no much news from its official, according to its product line and speed, it should be the upgraded version of Huawei P9, called Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus, because previously, its CEO has confirmed this kind of things.

Recently, according to other media, they have leaked the parts of Huawei P10, from the design, it should be the metal mid-frame of the smartphone, but from the details, this photo has leaked two important functions, fingerprint scanner on the home button and it comes with dual rear camera.

In general, fingerprint scanner is designed only on the front, side and back, right now it confirms Huawei P10 should have fingerprint scanner on the front home button. Around the phone, we can see two circle ports, Huawei P10 will continue to use dual rear camera like Huawei P9.

Before Huawei P10 released, a netizen provides a high definition rendering of Huawei P10, from the photo, we can see this black version of Huawei P10 with superior quality. But the curved design may mean dual curved screen possibly. At least it looks wonderful in terms of design. Stay tuned.


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