Huawei P10 Will First Feature Front Facing Fingerprint


Currently, for most smartphones, they take the fingerprint scanner with different design, most of them choose front facing fingerprint, but others also stick to using back fingerprint scanner. Different users make different comments about fingerprint ID place. Some think back fingerprint scanner is only for cheap smartphone, only put it on the front to be perfect. But most users also think back fingerprint scanner will be more convenient which has better experience than front facing fingerprint scanner.


Huawei always uses fingerprint scanner on its back. But until next year, Huawei should make some changes. According to a professional person, @Mocha has leaked the news that Huawei P10 will use fingerprint scanner on its front, if it’s real, Huawei P10 will be the first to use fingerprint ID on the front design.



As you know, Huawei will release a new product like Huawei Mate S2 or Huawei Mate 9 in September. But the Huawei P10 has exposed more news recently, therefore, Huawei P10 will be more likely to come out in September. It is also more expected about its front facing fingerprint and set up the home button on its front of the device. Stay tuned more.


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