Huawei P11 Will Be Released at MWC 2018


This year Huawei has changed their practice to hold press conference in April, but to release their latest flagship Huawei P10 smartphone at MWC 2017 in Feb. According to latest news, it is not the coincidence, because Huawei has planned to release Huawei P11 at MWC 2018.

So Huawei fans can see next generation flagship smartphone at MWC 2018 next year, this kind of news is from Bruce Lee, Huawei smartphone product line manager, which is very reliable.

He said that the reason why Huawei released Huawei P10 at MWC 2017, and Huawei P11 will also be released at MWC 2018 is that they want to sell it before European Easter. In general, Easter festival is coming in April, therefore, if they release these new smartphone in April, they will miss this big festival to catch great sales.

At MWC 2017, Huawei P10 is the flagship smartphone that chooses to release at MWC 2017, while other brands have not chosen this time to release, therefore, Huawei P10 has become the most eye-catching smartphone.  So what do you expect on this Huawei P11?


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