Huawei P30 Concept Design: Double Hole, Full Screen, Snapdragon 855, Notch


Huawei Nova 4‘s current information is also coming, basically, Huawei’s Nova 4 related information has been fully exposed. For example, the design of the extreme full screen and the rear three-lens design, etc., basically no suspense. However, Huawei Nova 4 has not yet been officially released, and foreign media has released the concept design of Huawei P30. Huawei P30 will still adopt the design concept of the extreme full screen, but the original pole full screen will become a double pole full screen and the double hole design on the screen.

Huawei P30 will continue to carry out the most comprehensive screen design. In fact, from the current point of view, Huawei attaches great importance to the design of the pole full screen. In addition to the design of Huawei nova4, Huawei also has the Honor V20 to be released soon. Therefore, the follow-up Huawei P30 is likely to continue to adopt this extremely comprehensive screen design idea, but after the upgrade, two camera designs were performed in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition to shooting, the front-mounted dual camera of the Huawei P30 is said to be equipped with facial recognition and unlocking technology, and the two front cameras are used for shooting to unlock the screen.

The Huawei P30 rear camera will still adopt the three-lens design. The original Huawei mobile phone adopts the rear three-lens design on the high-profile flagship mobile phone. However, with the technical update, the rear three-lens lens has gradually become the standard configuration of Huawei mobile phones. However, it is regrettable that Huawei P30 is still using the fuselage fingerprint identification module design, rather than the screen fingerprint recognition unlock. However, Huawei P30 Pro is likely to use the screen fingerprint recognition unlock design, while using the rear four camera design.

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At present, the design change of Huawei P30 is not very big, but even if the design of this dual-pole full-screen is not changed much, there are still some difficulties in design and manufacture. Although the Samsung S10’s exposed front-facing dual camera is also open on the screen, it is not an independent design. In contrast, the Huawei P30’s front dual camera is independently designed, and the design concept is still more advanced.

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