Huawei P30: Concept Design, Telescopic Both Cameras, With 100% Screen To Body Ratio


The information about Huawei P30 has been smashed by Peoples. Recently, the concept design of Huawei P30 has also been exposed by foreign media. The Huawei P30 will cancel the design of Notch continued use of the rear three-shot.

First of all, from the concept design of this Huawei P30, we can see that the most eye-catching ugly bangs have been cut off, and replaced by the front lens. It seems that not only Chinese peoples do not like Notch, this design does not appeal to the joy of foreign notch. The size of the screen is 6.2 inches, using the Samsung AMOLE touch screen. Not only that, the body coverage is very light, except for the lens and sensor on the forehead, the rest is covered by the screen. Not like the Huawei P20Pro, there are borders and wide chin, Home button.

The back of the phone was also pleasantly surprised, and the three lenses were remodeled. The Leica-certified lens of Huawei P20Pro was convex and designed in the upper left corner. The foreigner transformed the rear lens of the Huawei P30 into a smooth lens, and designed the position to the center of the back of the fuselage, followed by three flashes. Huawei P30’s screen share has basically reached 100%, and the screen share is over the iPhoneX.

From the side of the Rear, the frame is not a curved design, and the bricks are very beautiful. From this point of view, the P30 concept map’s face value almost bursts with P20Pro. The Huawei P30 was designed as a retractable lens. Two front-facing cameras were designed in the telescopic lens, and a flash was designed next to the front camera. This part of the telescopic lens area is very small, even if it pops up, it is not very awkward, and the overall feeling is acceptable. At the same time, the foreign media also improved the effective pixels of the rear main lens of the Huawei P30, and the effective pixels of the main lens reached 60MP.

There is not much description about the configuration of this Huawei P30, but it emphasizes that there is no ugly bangs and borders. It can also be seen from the concept map that the screen fingerprint unlocking is not seen in the front or the back, that is, the 3D infrared sensor that should be used on the forehead, and the same as the iPhone X, the 3D face recognition is used to unlock.

Although this Huawei P30 is just a concept map of foreigners, it represents the expectation for the next generation of P series mobile phones. Anyway, killing the ugly bangs seems to be much more comfortable.

Huawei P30 has also designed an AI button on the side of the phone. This AI button is also a multi-function button such as quick photo taking and voice wake-up. By freely setting this button, you can quickly perform voice wake-up or quick photo taking, which is very convenient.

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Huawei P30 concept design map Do you like it? In fact, as the flagship Huawei’s P30 hardware configuration will be very strong, especially the next generation of Kirin 980 plus GPU Turbo technology, it is even more powerful.

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