Huawei P40 Pro Will be First Smartphone With 10x Optical Zoom Capability of the Brand , Guo Mingquan Says


Today, China Telecommunications Research Institute’s Terminal Terminal Lab and Kuanshi Technology jointly released the “2019 Smart Phone Imaging Technology Application Observation and Trend Analysis”, summarizing the important progress of smartphone imaging technology in 2019, and for the 2020 smartphone Prospects for the development of imaging-related technologies and businesses.

The analysis points out that in 2020, the periscope telephoto lens is expected to return to the mainstream again and become the standard for low-end and mid-range mobile phones.

As mobile phones become thinner, and consumer is demanding for “clear and long-distance shooting” increases, major mobile phone manufacturers are continuing to tap the capabilities of periscope lenses to increase the optical zoom of Smartphones. It is expected that in 2020, periscope cameras will accelerate penetration in smartphones, and head suppliers will continue to increase their share of high-end smartphones, and 5x or even 10x optical zoom will become mainstream.

This is because the periscope solution can place the camera module in parallel on the phone and change the light path through a 45 ° prism to greatly increase the actual focal length without affecting the height of the entire module, thereby ensuring that the thickness of the Smartphone does not increase.

The analysis cited media reports that the Huawei P40 Pro released in 2020 may be equipped with a new 8MP periscope zoom lens with f / 4.0 aperture. Its periscope module can support two mirrors and an extended field of view. Able to achieve 10x optical zoom capability.

This analysis is in line with the forecast of Guo Mingquan, an analyst at Tianfeng International earlier. On December 20, Guo Mingzhi pointed out in the report that Huawei is the most active manufacturer of periscope telephoto lens design among mobile phone brands. It is expected that the periscope telephoto lens will continue to be Huawei’s 2020 optical specification innovation selling point.

He predicted that the periscope model of Huawei shipments will usher in a surge and its shipments equipped with periscope telephoto lenses will increase by 310% to 3700 units in 2020 (9 million units in 2019).

Guo Mingquan also said that the P40 Pro will be the first phone of the brand with 10x optical zoom capability. The flagship will use a newly designed periscope telephoto lens (8MP), which is expected to sell for 4000-5000 yuan  ($570 – $713) with about 9 million units shipped in 2020.

It is reported that the internal structural design of the P40 Pro periscope telephoto lens has changed significantly and is more complicated. By placing a newly designed diamond lens and the newly adopted 2 mirrors to extend the refraction path of light in the periscope telephoto lens, 10 Optical zooms.

Guo Mingxuan also said that optical zoom is the key to the specification upgrade of high-end smartphones in 2020, and it is expected that more high-end models will use periscope telephoto lenses to significantly improve the optical zoom specifications.

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