Huawei P40 Series Renderings Leaked: Finally Appearance Has Been Confirmed


All kinds of news about the Huawei P40 series have been flying in recent days, and even the protective case has been leaked. Although the specific shape has not been confirmed, for the time being, the shape can basically be inferred from the protective cover.

A few days ago, it was revealed that foreign media made a Huawei P40 rendering based on some leaked CAD files.

From the pictures, the new machine uses a four-curved screen design. Compared with the curved left and right hyperbolic screen, the biggest feature of the four-curved surface is that it has a certain degree of curvature.

In addition to the four-curved screen on the front, there are four equal-width bezel designs, equipped with a front dual-hole camera, and the overall screen ratio is excellent.

The back of the phone uses a contrasting design. The camera head is divided into a rectangular 5-camera module. The square module should be a periscope telephoto lens.

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It is worth mentioning that foreign media have previously sent front photos of the P40 Pro. The picture shows that the new machine uses an ultra-small-aperture front-centered single-cam punch screen. The screen seems to be a hyperboloid design, and the internal design is The P40 above is similar, but the layout inside the camera module is different. So the question is, which design style do you like for the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro?

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