HUAWEI P50 Pro Concept Appeared: 4 Rear Camera, Center Punch Hole Screen


Foreign media have also produced a concept rendering of Huawei mobile phones. In this set of conceptual renderings, Huawei’s next-generation mobile phone is named Huawei P50 Pro, and the design on the phone is also completely different from the previous-generation Huawei mobile phone.  The design adopted by Huawei P50Pro is also so familiar from the front, there is no waterdrop screen or bangs screen, and the position of the front camera has also been upgraded. The original Huawei mobile phone designed the front camera in the upper left corner of the screen, and in this set of conceptual renderings, the front camera of the Huawei P50Pro was designed in the middle of the screen.

Although the screen of Huawei P50Pro is equipped with a front camera and is designed with an opening in the middle of the screen, in the concept rendering, I don’t see where the face recognition module of Huawei P50Pro is protected, so, for now, It is inferred that the Huawei P50Pro completely abandoned the face recognition module, and the alternative to biometric encryption is the off-screen fingerprint recognition and unlock design.

The body design of Huawei P50Pro should be said to be subversive because, in this concept rendering, you can’t see the previous Huawei mobile phone. The rear camera module of Huawei P50Pro does not continue the square lens module design of the previous generation Huawei mobile phone but adopts a long strip design. You can see that Huawei P50Pro arranges the rear camera in a row on the upper end of the phone body. section.

The design of the rear camera part of Huawei P50Pro is also very interesting. Among the long lens modules, Huawei P50Pro has designed a total of four cameras, of which the lens combination is 108MP+25MP+16MP+8MP, which means that The effective pixels of the main lens of Huawei P50Pro reached 108 million pixels, while the other three cameras were 25 Megapixels, 16 Megapixels, and 8 Megapixels, but it is confusing that Huawei P50Pro does not have any of these four cameras. Designing a square telephoto lens, I don’t know why this is designed in the concept rendering.

In addition to the rear camera changes, at present, Huawei P50Pro will use the same Kirin 1020 processor as Huawei Mate40 series phones. At present, Huawei P50Pro will retain all the powerful hardware parameters and performance of Huawei mobile phones, such as faster charging speed, in which reverse wireless charging technology is likely to be upgraded, and the overall battery life and performance will be a very good performance.

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Huawei P50 Pro is currently expected to be the mid-range model in the series, and if the release rules of Huawei mobile phones are followed, it is highly likely that top models like Huawei P50Pro+ will appear. However, as far as the appearance design and hardware parameter design of the current Huawei P50Pro are concerned, do you think it meets your requirements, and at the same time, will you support and purchase the first time?


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