Huawei P50 Pro Concept Appeared: Telescopic Lens, Dual Screen


The appearance and hardware parameter design of Huawei P50 Pro is also very concerned by foreign media. Foreign media released a set of concept renderings about Huawei P50 Pro. In this set of concept renderings, Huawei P50Pro uses a telescopic front camera, and two screens are also designed.     The front design of Huawei P50Pro should still be quite satisfactory. The hyperbolic screen that only high-end flagships will carry is still seen on Huawei P50Pro. At the same time, the front camera and face recognition module of Huawei P50Pro also do not use screens. The hole or Liu Haiping design, you can not see any punch or Liu Haiping on the screen, but Huawei P50Pro does not intend to put the front camera and face recognition module under the screen.

The reason why Huawei P50Pro does not have openings on the screen or the design of Liu Haiping is that Huawei P50Pro uses a retractable lens design for the front camera and face recognition module. However, the design of the telescopic lens module of the Huawei P50Pro’s front camera is also very interesting. The telescopic lens module is designed to be round, not only small in size but also very attractive in appearance.

For the body design of Huawei P50Pro, there is greater disruption. Huawei P50Pro firstly changed the lens module of the rear camera from the original square to the current circle. At the same time, a smaller screen was designed above the circular lens module. The design of this round shower lens with positive and negative dual screens is still unprecedented.

The lens module of the rear camera of Huawei P50Pro adopts around design. At the same time, four cameras are designed inside the lens. These four cameras present the appearance of a cross around the flash in the middle, and the oval shape is designed above the lens module. The display screen, this display screen can carry out relevant information reminders, such as time or call information, and so on. The main lens of the rear camera of Huawei P50Pro is said to be upgraded to a 64-megapixel lens, and the camera capabilities will be greatly improved.

In terms of hardware parameters of Huawei P50Pro, it is said that it will be equipped with the new Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 1020 processor, which is the same processor as Huawei Mate40 series mobile phones. At present, Huawei’s HiSilicon processor has outstanding performance in terms of performance and power consumption, and at present, it is not worse than Qualcomm processors. In addition, Huawei P50Pro will also be equipped with two-way wireless charging technology, wireless charging speed will be faster and lower power consumption.

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Regarding the design of Huawei P50 Pro in the current concept rendering, do you think it meets your requirements? If Huawei P50Pro is really released according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support it and buy it as soon as possible?


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