Huawei P50 Pro Concept: Four-Hole Punch Screen Design, 7 Rear Cameras


Foreign media released a set of concept renderings of Huawei P50 Pro. In this set of concept renderings. The Huawei P50 Pro adopts a four-hole design. And the rear camera is divided into three parts, with a total of 7 cameras.

Huawei P50Pro Design

The design of the front of the Huawei P50Pro is still screen punching and hyperboloid design. But it is very interesting that the screen punching of the Huawei P50Pro is different from the traditional Huawei mobile phone. The hole punching area on the screen is divided into two parts. In each part, two camera components are designed. And the front camera punching area of ​​Huawei P50Pro is designed according to the arrangement of top and bottom.

At present, this screen punching design technology is relatively mature. But it uses two areas for punching, and each area contains two front camera designs. At present, it is still very rare, at least on other mobile phones. No similar design has appeared. In addition, the screen refresh rate of Huawei P50Pro will also be upgraded to 120 Hz. Which supports the fingerprint recognition and unlocking module under the screen.

For the design of the back of the fuselage, Huawei P50Pro adopts a completely different design scheme. You can see that the surface of the fuselage of Huawei P50Pro has many diamond-like textures, and under the light, it has different effects of light and dark. Pretty. Huawei mobile phones took the lead in developing the Aurora color-changing body effect, which was soon followed by other mobile phone manufacturers. It is estimated that this diamond-grained body effect will soon be learned by other mobile phone manufacturers after its release.


The rear camera part on the back of the fuselage of Huawei P50Pro adopts a completely different design. The rear camera component is divided into three parts. The left two parts of the lens module are designed with three cameras, while the right side A camera and flash are designed in the lens module. The number of Huawei P50Pro rear cameras has reached 7, but it has been divided into three parts for design. The photography capabilities of Huawei P series mobile phones have always been of great concern to the outside world, and the performance of taking pictures will be greatly improved after each release. Therefore, Huawei P50Pro adopts a similar design, which is very subversive in appearance, but its performance is certainly outstanding.

The design of Huawei P50Pro’s hardware parameters is also very exciting. For example, Huawei P50Pro will be equipped with the same processor as Huawei Mate30Pro, Kirin 1020 processor, which is a processor manufactured by a 5-nanometer process. Power consumption has also been greatly reduced. In addition, Huawei P50Pro’s technology in wired charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging is also expected.

Do you like the appearance design and hardware parameter design of Huawei P50 Pro concept rendering? If Huawei P50Pro is really released according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support and buy it?

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