Huawei P50 Pro VS Honor 50 Pro: Difference Between 50MP and 100MP


Huawei P50Pro is currently the strongest mobile phone in terms of taking pictures. It is still equipped with a 50-megapixel main lens. At the same time, it won the first place on the DxOMark photo ranking list. Honor 50 Pro is the first digital model released after the independence of Honor mobile phone, and it is equipped with a 100 Megapixel lens. So what is the difference between Huawei P50 Pro and Honor 50 Pro in terms of the photo effects taken, let us take a look at the comparison of the photo effects between Huawei P50 Pro vs Honor 50 Pro, and see where the difference is.

The shooting scene of the first set of photos was outdoors, with an antique pavilion in the grass. Judging from the large-scale effect of the photos, the brightness of the photos taken by Huawei P50Pro is relatively high, and the brightness of photos taken by the Honor 50Pro is slightly lower. In fact, the difference in effect between Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro is mainly the green color concentrated on the grass. For the pavilion in the middle of the photo, the effects of the two mobile phones are almost the same.

Of course, the photos are brighter, the green performance of Huawei P50Pro is more vivid, and the grass green taken by Honor 50Pro is slightly dull. The subject of the second set of shots is a banana tree. In fact, Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro perform very well in taking pictures, but there will be some differences in the comparison between the two.

For example, the brightness of the leaves of the banana tree taken by the Huawei P50Pro is still very high, and the lines on the leaves are more abundant, and it is easier to recognize. Compared with Huawei P50Pro, the leaf brightness of plantain trees taken by Honor 50Pro is slightly darker, and the texture can still be recognized, and the details are not unclear due to low brightness. The location of the third group of photos is still outdoors, but the location is on the ground where bricks are laid.

To shoot the bricks on the ground from the same angle, the effects of the bricks shot between Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro are completely different. The ground bricks photographed by Huawei P50Pro have high brightness, and because of the high brightness, the whole is somewhat white.

In the photos taken by Honor 50 Pro, the brightness of the ground bricks is lower, so the color of the ground bricks taken is more gray. In addition, the details of the ground brick pattern on the right side of the photo have become insufficient, and the performance is not as good as that of the Huawei P50Pro.

The effects of the photos taken in the fourth group are also more obvious. The subject was shot on the pillars inside the pavilion, but the effects of Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro showed the opposite performance.

The surface of the pillar inside the pavilion photographed by Huawei P50Pro showed obvious reflection, especially the whiteness of the surface of the pillar.

In the photos taken by the Honor 50 Pro, the reflection effect of the column surface inside the pavilion is not serious, and the whitening phenomenon is not serious, so the effect of this set of photos taken by the Honor 50 Pro is better than that of the Huawei P50 Pro.

The fifth group of photos was taken at night. Although it is said that the night scene shooting effect of the Huawei P50Pro is good, in the contrast effect of this group of photos, the night scene performance of the Honor 50Pro is still good.

For example, the effect of the green plants below the photo. The brightness of the photos taken by Huawei P50Pro is lower than that of the photos taken by Honor 50 Pro, and the brightness of the photos taken by Honor 50 Pro is higher. In addition, for the suppression of street lights, the Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro both have very good performance.

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Both Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro have excellent camera performance, but the difference between the two still exists. Do you have any opinion on the photo comparison between Huawei P50Pro and Honor 50Pro? Welcome to like, comment and leave a message at the end of the article!

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