Huawei Printer Official Announcement: Released on September 13


Huawei terminal official weibo released a preheated announcement that it will release an office device at 19:30 on September 13. It was captioned: “What a flying pigeon can do, so can he.”

In the preheated poster, you can see the top view of the new product, with a white body and a black display on the top, which appears to show wi-fi, print, copy, start and other instructions. It can also adjust the number of typing/copying by adding or subtracting.

Under the poster, it read: “From a distance, you can do whatever you want.” In this case, the new product should be the printer.

Not long ago, some netizens found that the device option of HUAWEI printer unexpectedly appeared in HUAWEI Smart Life APP. In the picture, the front of the device is printed with the HUAWEI logo. The device is simple and white in design, and seems to support not only printing, but also scanning and copying functions.

According to the configuration wizard, Huawei printer supports Wi-Fi, which seems to enable wireless printing and remote APP control.

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At 19:30 on September 13, Huawei will hold a new intelligent office product conference, which will introduce the new MateBook series notebook and other products.


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