Huawei Q1, A1, A1 Lite Wifi Router and Huawei TV BOX Pro Released Today


Huawei has held the smart gadget product press conference. They released the new smart router, Huawei Q1, Huawei A1 and Huawei A1 Lite and Huawei TV BOX Pro. They emphasized on the highest end router, Huawei Q1, which has put forward the concept of mother and son router. Besides the main body of router, there is a mini expansion device which can be inserted in the socket to enlarge the coverage of signal, a bit like a routing and satellite,and claims it can cover full double villa.


Huawei Q1 Router can also support precise business recognition, which can automatically take priority to the urgent tasks such as while watching tv or downloading, it keeps very fluently for playing games.  There are also the common functions such as equipment management, remote management, wi-fi enhancement, guest wi-fi, timer switch, a key operation and so on.  Huawei A1, and A1 Lite is the simplified version of Huawei Q1, and A1 Lite is smaller than others.



Huawei Q1 Router starts to sell at 599 yuan, $100 on its official website. And Huawei TV BOX Pro presells at 389 yuan, around $70, and starts to sell on July 12 offline. So will you have a try to experience?


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