Huawei Router H6 Wifi 6 Released: Easy Coverage of Villas


Recently, Huawei announced the launch of its first whole-house Wi-Fi 6+ router new product-Huawei Router H6, with an innovative form of the parent-child router, easily covering villas, duplexes, large flats, and other types of houses.

This router supports whole-house Wi-Fi 6+, runs Huawei HarmonyOS, supports Huawei Hongmeng Mesh+ high-speed networking, plug, and play.

At present, the pre-sale has been opened on Huawei It will be officially launched on May 19th. The 100 yuan deposit can be used for 200 yuan. The specific price has not been announced. The order is limited to send smart sockets.

This router is divided into three packages, which support the standard version of the sub-router, the Pro version of the sub-router, and the 1 mother and 3 sub-package versions. One mother route can drag up to 6 sub-routes, and it is installed free of charge.

Huawei router H6 sub-router supports Huawei Wi-Fi 6+ 3000 Mbps, 160 MHz wide bandwidth, double the Internet speed and download a 10Gb HD movie in 10 seconds.

Dynamic narrow bandwidth technology based on chip-level collaboration solves the pain points of long-distance mobile phone false signals and achieves the effect of passing through one more wall so that every room is covered with the fast network brought by Wi-Fi 6+.

In terms of performance, the Huawei H6 mother router is equipped with Lingxiao quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, with 256MB RAM, 256MB ROM, 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one Gigabit WAN port, and one Gigabit IPTV port.

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Huawei H6 sub-router is equipped with Lingxiao dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, equipped with 128MB RAM and 128MB ROM. The sub-router is divided into standard version and Pro version, 2.4GHz bandwidth 574Mbps, 5GHz bandwidth 2402Mbps, built-in 2 omnidirectional antennas, and 2 smart antennas, dual-frequency support 2×2MIMO.

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