Huawei S-Tag Motion Sensor: Record Running Data in Detail


Huawei’s first professional motion sensor Huawei S-TAG was released, with a starting price of 269 yuan. A few days ago, Bruce Lee, the father of Huawei’s Mate series, recommended Huawei S-TAG through Weibo. He said that he would recommend a professional motion sensor to the professional runner, which can record running posture data in detail. At the same time, Bruce Lee also recommended to buy an elite version suit.

In the comment area, Bruce Lee also turned into a “Golden Customer Service” to explain the use of S-TAG to netizens.

It is understood that Huawei S-Tag can perform professional running posture detection and supports 13 running posture indicators, including stride frequency, stride length, landing method, bottoming time, air time, bottoming-to-air ratio, etc., for multi-directional running Attitude measurement.

In addition to running, the Huawei S-Tag Motion Sensor has a built-in high-precision 9-axis sensor that can be installed at the spokes of bicycle tires to monitor the rider’s pace and other data to help riders improve their professional abilities.

In terms of compatibility, Huawei S-Tag supports HarmonyOS 2, Android 6.0, iOS 9.0 and above mobile phones, and supports six watches including Huawei WATCH GT 3.

In terms of battery life, the sensor can be used for up to 30 days in a typical running scenario and 36 hours in a continuous cycling scenario.

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