Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro Released: Non-Reflective 86-inch “Super Cinema”


Huawei also released a new smart screen with a super large screen – Smart Screen S86 Pro, which is Huawei’s first 86-inch smart screen, supports AG anti-glare technology and upgrades the new features of HarmonyOS 3, 120Hz Honghu Picture quality, and 6x unit audio system, as well as Huawei Video AiMax Cinema.      In terms of design, the smart screen S86 Pro continues Huawei’s brushed metal frame technology. The screen ratio is as high as 98%, the frame is only 2.7mm, and the metal texture details are full. It is elegant and fashionable. It is suitable for various home decoration styles of urban families. Very high-end atmosphere texture.

On the screen, the smart screen S86 Pro is equipped with an 86-inch large panel, 120Hz high refresh rate, and supports 92% DCI-P3 color gamut.

For large-screen devices, the larger the screen is, the reflection is a problem that seriously affects the look and feel. For this reason, the smart screen S86 Pro uses an AG anti-glare screen, which solves the problem of screen reflection and becomes an essential technology for large-size TVs.

In terms of picture quality, the smart screen S86 Pro is equipped with 120Hz Honghu picture quality technology, fast clear and smooth technology (MEMC), etc., the moving picture is clearer and smoother.

In terms of sound quality, the smart screen S86 Pro has upgraded a six-unit audio system this time, consisting of six 10W speakers, and can also wirelessly network with four Huawei Sound X smart speakers to create a 5.1 distributed home theater system, which can also be used at home. Feel the surging sound.

In terms of system, the smart screen S86 Pro is equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 3 operating system this time, which brings a more convenient and fast smart experience, such as the new super desktop, which can play mobile applications on the smart screen, or let the mobile phone act as a remote control. controller to control the smart screen.

In terms of audio and video, the smart screen S86 Pro supports 15+ video platforms, covering mainstream platforms such as Huawei Video, Kumiao, Mango TV, Tencent Video, etc. You can experience the latest blockbusters without downloading various APPs. Among them, Huawei Video AiMax digital home theater is even more. It can provide audio-visual enjoyment of 4K, HDR, and 5.1 surround sound, and you can experience cinema-level audio-visual effects without going out.

In other respects, the smart screen S86 Pro also supports children’s special area, ultra-drilling package, video assistant, family karaoke, somatosensory gamepad games, etc., and it is open to all scenes. As long as a Huawei account is required, you can use it on smart screens, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Multi-platforms realize information synchronization, video, audio streaming, and other functions.

In terms of price, the Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro is 13,999 yuan, and there are two new smart screen S65 and S55 products, which are priced at 4,299 and 3,299 yuan respectively.

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