Huawei Technologies Plans to Launch a Princeton New Phone With a Camera Capable of Taking 3-D Images


According to the source, the device, code-named Princeton, will be announced next month and will be available for sale within weeks. This 3D imaging technology uses Sony Corp’s sensors to accurately measure the distance between the light source and the surface to be measured.

This “3D Camera” feature emerges at a critical moment in the smartphone industry, as global demand is leveling off as consumers feel there is little reason to upgrade to a new phone. So, Huawei is hoping that, with features that allow users to create 3D models of themselves and their surroundings in real time and share with others, the company can increase sales and gaining market share from competitors like Apple.

” This is unprecedented technology, and at the highest level, it has the potential to change the way we look at the world around us .” Yusuke Toyoda, senior analyst at Fuji Chimera Research in Tokyo.

In addition to the ability to create images that can be viewed from different angles, Huawei’s new camera technology can create 3D models of people and objects for real-life enhancement applications. In addition, the new camera also allows developers to control applications and games in new ways, for example, by finger gestures.

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It is likely that Huawei will be equipped with this new camera technology not just for a phone model, which may include some launches by the end of 2019. But Bloomberg sources also added that some Details in the plan can change in the near future. Last year, Sony demonstrated the Xperia phone that can capture 3D people and models, but the technology does not use their Time of Flight sensors.

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