Huawei WATCH GT Runner Watch Push HarmonyOS 3 system


In addition to Huawei WATCH GT 3 / Pro series, Huawei WATCH GT Runner has started to push the HarmonyOS 3 system, the specific version is HarmonyOS

Update logs show that HarmonyOS 3 has arrived! HarmonyOS adheres to the philosophy of “what’s used, what’s new” and offers a “step up” experience. This update will bring a richer dial use experience, you can shoot yourself wearing custom personality wear dial, also can choose the unpredictable kaleidoscope dial. At the same time, the new flashlight flicker and color light two modes, the party to open the wrist dazzling flashlight, help enhance the party atmosphere.

Here’s what’s new:


New wear dial, can be shot through the mobile phone to wear, customized and wear style and color matching dial

Add kaleidoscope dial, you can choose your own photo to create a personalized dial, rotate the crown to present a kaleidoscope effect.

The dial selection list can slide through the arc scrolling effect


The newly added respiratory health research preset application can be combined with body temperature, respiratory rate and other physiological indicators as well as abnormal cough sound intelligent recognition and judgment, actively screening the risk of lung infection


Support flicker and color light two modes, party moment or concert scene, turn on the wrist dazzling flashlight can add atmosphere to the scene


New shortcut menu “Flashlight” and “Lock Screen” shortcut switch Settings > Bluetooth menu added “Connect to New Phone” entry, more convenient operation


Added Himalaya preset application

Updated notes attached to igeekphone:

1. Respiratory health research and Himalayan applications are only available in mainland China. Through the watch face, Respiratory Health Research, Himalaya app currently only support EMUI, HarmonyOS, Android phones.

2. In order to get a better experience, it is recommended to update the “Sports health” app to the latest version through the app market before updating.

3. Keep the Bluetooth connection during the update. If the update fails, try again.

4. The update process of the wearable device may take a long time. Please wait until the progress bar on the wearable device is completed.

5. If you encounter any problems, contact Huawei service hotline or Huawei customer service center for support.

Launched in November 2021, the Huawei WATCH GT Runner features a rugged precision ceramic bezel and titanium crown, a lightweight design, and dual-band, five-star precision positioning. The watch body is as light as 38.5g. The right side of the watch has a physical button and a knob.

Huawei WATCH GT Runner is equipped with hidden suspended external antenna to realize dual-frequency five-star accurate positioning, route sharing and trajectory return, bringing fun and safe sports experience. Also equipped with TruSeen 5.0+ optical sensor, the watch can identify heart rate and blood oxygen more accurately. The accuracy of 10bpm can reach 97%. In other news, Huawei WATCH GT Runner supports Bluetooth and NFC functions, and can make bus payment and open access control system.


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