Huawei Watch GT3 Smartwatch Released with Hongmeng System


Last year, huawei’s Watch GT2 series went viral with the exploding Astronaut dial. Many people even bought watches because of the dial, and the smartwatch was praised for its long battery life.

Huawei has launched an iteration of its Watch GT2 — huawei Watch GT3 — in overseas markets, according to a new report.

Huawei Watch GT3 has two versions, 46mm and 42mm. The overall appearance of huawei Watch GT3 basically inherits the design of the previous generation. The large dial uses digital bezel and flat screen.

Overall, the biggest difference between Huawei Watch GT3 and its predecessor in appearance is the crown position. The predecessor had two crown buttons that could only be pressed. The new watch is equipped with the rotating crown + physical buttons similar to huawei Watch3, which will bring more convenient operation and richer application scenarios.

The specific specifications are as follows:

Watch GT 3 46mm edition is equipped with 1.43 inch display, ARM Cortex-M processor, 4GB+32MB storage combination, 5ATM waterproof, 100+ sport mode, Bluetooth voice, 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring, battery life up to 14 days, weighs 42.6g, 11mm thick. There are three styles: sports, classic and elite.

The 42mm version of Watch GT 3 is equipped with 1.32-inch display, ARM Cortex-M processor, 4GB+32MB storage, 5ATM waterproof, 100+ sport mode, Bluetooth phone, all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, battery life of 7 days, 35G, 10.2mm thick. There are sports, fashion and elegant styles.

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Unfortunately, Huawei Watch GT3 is not equipped with the eSIM function, so it will not be able to use the call function independently without the mobile phone. It only supports answering and making calls through Bluetooth, but the corresponding price will be lower, and the price is expected to be less than 2,000 yuan in China.


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