Huawei’s new 5G Phone Spotted Online with 40W Quick Charger


A Huawei 5G digital mobile phone, cnD-AN00, has now passed the 3C certification and is equipped with a 40W charger.

According to the 3C certification, huawei 5G phone was applied for and made by Huawei Technologies Co., and produced by BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Guilin Shenzhen Technology Co., LTD. It was first issued on September 1.

The new phone is equipped with HW-100400C01 switching power adapter, supporting 5VDC 2A or 9VDC 2A or 10VDC 4A MAX output.

Currently, the details of the Huawei 5G phone are unclear.

In addition, Huawei will hold a launch event for its enjoy 20 series 5G products tomorrow, which will support 40W super fast charging and 5000mAh large battery.


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