Huawei’s Patented Exposure Design for a New Folding Screen Phone is similar to a clamshell


The introduction of Samsung’s Z Filp, MOTOROLA Razr and other fold-screen mobile phones makes it possible for consumers to see another form of fold-screen mobile phones. This kind of design similar to clamshell phone really brings a very portable experience. Notably, Huawei filed a similar patent for a phone with a folded screen last year.

The patent, which was filed on April 16 and published on October 22, describes the operating principle, hinges design and design sketch of the folding screen phone. It can be seen that in addition to Huawei Mate X and its subsequent products, huawei has also prepared other forms of folding screen phones.

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It is worth noting that the publication of the patent does not mean that the mobile phone in the patent will become the actual product in the future. Moreover, due to the supply of spare parts and the shortage of chips, it is more difficult for Huawei to launch the folding screen mobile phone. Previously, it was reported that Huawei’s next folding screen phone may have an internal folding scheme and carry the Kirin 9000.


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