Hubsan ACE SE: 10KM Range, With 4K Camera, For Just $450.99


Company Hubsan Technology recently announced its new quadrocopter. This new product will go on sale under the name Hubsan ACE SE Drone. Also, the main technical characteristics of this new item have become known. The drone features a sensitive camera, obstacle detection sensors and a foldable design.

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The Hubsan ACE SE measures 11.9 x 17.3 x 7.3 cm folded, 18.2 x 17.7 x 7.3 cm in flight order, for an engine-to-engine diagonal of 9 inches and a weight of 543 grams. The Hubsan ACE SE has a matte white casing with articulated arms. It has four fans that can be retracted inward to fold down from the drone position. One of the highlights of the drone is the sensor to avoid obstacles. It has two optical sensors in the front that look for obstacles on the way to avoid obstacles. It is touted to have a super-sensitive camera that has a single pixel size of 4.6 microns. It is teased that it has excellent overnight video recording capabilities. Plus, it also has display power directly on top of the battery. It comes with four lights on the bottom of the drone.


They have equipped the new Hubsan AceSE drone with the Syncleas 3, as we have mentioned before it is the most modern signal transmission system on the market. The algorithms of the software increase the signal of the drone and avoid interference. The Syncleas 2 was already comparable to the Ocusync 3.0 that comes installed in the DJI FPV.


There have been rumors that Hubsan is preparing to compete with “top” drones from competitors a camera with a 4/3″ sensor and that it may likely be included in one of the drones that will each be released on a date starting with today, another on 11/12 and the last Ace on 11/17.

ATVT 3.0

The SE and standard versions still have ATVT 3.0 object tracking on board, even if the obstacle sensors are missing. Other manufacturers, such as DJI, have always combined these functions in their drones so far.

Flight Modes

The Hubsan Ace SE drone software contains 19 flight modes for you to take off and fly the drone as easily as possible. From the classic return home to the most current and advanced such as automatic flight previously configured by the pilot.


This is partly due to the larger flight battery, which holds 4,500 mAh compared to the 3,700 mAh battery of the other three versions. In terms of flight time, there is only a marginal difference: the ACE Pro Plus should stay in the air for up to 37 minutes on one battery charge, the other three versions can last up to 35 minutes according to the manufacturer.

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Where To Buy

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