Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro Quadcopter Design, Features Review (Included Coupon)


The Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro Quadcopter is the latest and most advanced FPV Quadcopter from Hubsan. Turn any smartphone or tablet into an FPV controller using the Hubsan app and the 1080p HD camera will deliver crystal clear pictures and videos directly to your hands. Features such as one button auto take-off and landing, Follow Me, and waypoint flying open up new options for Hubsan’s FPV models and make advanced flying easier than ever


Design wise this quadcopter uses the traditional X style frame at around 13.4 x 13.4 inches, weighs in at 354g (without battery), comes in Black with Golden, and uses brushed motors. The Hubsan X4 AIR H501A WIFI FPV Brushless with 1080P HD Camera GPS Waypoint RC Quadcopter is sure to impress not only with its handsome look but also for powerful functions. With WiFi connectivity, it allows players to control the quadcopter using a cellphone. A 1080P HD camera captures crisp, clear footage in both pictures and videos, and delivers FPV images to the ground wirelessly in real time. Built-in GPS (global version) provides accurate positioning, making it a perfect, advanced follower. Waypoints setting function allows you to draw routes on the app.


The Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro Quadcopter is APP driven in this smart device connected the world and not supplied with a Transmitter. The optional transmitter allows the H501A to be flown in a more conventional way. The Hubsan H501A features a headless flight mode which makes flying easy and makes the H501A even easier to fly for beginners and more experienced pilots. With the headless mode the quadcopter will always fly forward no matter which way it is pointing, so you don’t have to worry about the orientation of the quadcopter. The H501A X4 Air Pro features a real-time 1080p resolution WiFi video feed to your mobile device for flying and image capture. With the orbit shooting, you can set a point and your H501A will fly 360 degrees around the orbit point allowing you to capture that perfect image or video. The H501A X4 Air Pro has an array of GPS flight features, you can set waypoints so the H501A X4 will fly a course you set on the map. The gravity sensor coupled with the accurate GPS positioning help the H501A maintain a fixed position and height, all of this is controlled from the convenience of your IOS or Android device.


Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro Quadcopter takes you into a fascinating sky zone by offering you the 1080P FPV. Follow Me Mode, Point of Interest, and Functional Waypoints are available for you to grasp all the unforgettable moments in your life! You can buy From TOMTOP at $199.99 Use $20 off coupon code:  HTYHBST


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