Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO Review – 4K Camera RC Drone at $549.99 From TOMTOP


The Chinese model and multicopter manufacturer Hubsan has presented the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro, a new drone model that weighs less than 250 grams. In this respect, understands the Zino Mini Pro drone of Hubsan as a direct competitor to the Mini DJI 2. We first information and have features of Hubsan mini quadrocopter summarized.


Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Drones weighing less than 250 grams can count on great interest from the market. The advantage of such lightweight aircraft; is that no training is required in the EU to be allowed; to fly them and that you can even fly them above people and buildings. Outside the EU, such drones are often excluded from any registration requirement. It is not without reason that with the Mavic Mini and later the Mini 2 – both 249 grams – DJI managed to conquer a lot of market share in this segment.

But the competition is not standing still. Xiaomi recently announced the Fimi X8 Mini drone, also weighing just under 250 grams. And now there is the announcement of Hubsan’s Zino Mini Pro. The specs of this drone don’t lie: 4K video, digital zoom, a flight time of no less than 40 minutes, and – for the first time in this category – obstacle detection and AI tracking. Few surprises from this point of view, the controller of the Zino Mini Pro is very similar to that of the Zino 2, gray in color (but this was understood) and a non-color display that shows the main data necessary to keep the flight under control, including altimetry; distance, speed, signal strength and the number of satellites on lock.


On paper, the possibilities of the new ZINO MINI PRO look really good. The drone got a camera on a 3-axis gimbal, a large 1 / 1.3 ″ CMOS sensor; with 48MP photo quality with a pixel size of 2.4um and a constant aperture of f / 1.85. It also has a built-in HDR mode and a 6x zoom (digital). The quality of 48MP looks like a digital boost from 12MP by dividing the pixel into four; this is a solution known for example from the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. The sensor itself can make an impression, however, because it is much larger than the competition (1 / 2.3 ″). As for movies – here the maximum resolution is 4K at 30 frames per second, H.265 / HEVC video codec with a maximum bitrate of 200Mb / s.

The manufacturer has used its improved video transmission system called Syncleas 3.0, which allows viewing in 1080P / 30FP quality with a bitrate of 20-40Mb / s and a delay of <200 ms. Radio communication provided by the manufacturer works up to 10km (FCC, for European conditions – CE = 6km). The maximum flight time stated by the manufacturer is 40 minutes. Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO also has a front, rear, and bottom sensors and an implemented intelligent object tracking system called ATVT 3.0 AI Tracking.


In short, if the first appearance of the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro on the shops had aroused so much clamor and as many perplexities, Hubsan seems to have focused on some – but still, not all, see for example the price in pounds shown to those who buy from Italy – flaws of communication due to the evidently hasty launch of his small drone under 250 grams in weight. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $559.99 .


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