HydrogenOS 11 Released Brings With AOD and Improved Dark Mode


As scheduled today On August 10, the OnePlus officially released the new version of HydrogenOS, called HydrogenOS 11, which adopts a very inclusive design, bringing new AOD, smart gallery, voice notes, multi-person meditation mode, new dark mode, and other functions. Besides, the company newly added flashback key and AOD state to quickly switch between multiple applications under-screen fingerprint blind resolution function. It is expected OnePlus 6 and later all OnePlus phones will also be adapted to HydrogenOS 11.

OnePlus Creative Director Zeng Xi said, the design concept of HydrogenOS 11 is to break down barriers with inclusive design, which will return to the essence and use the simplest elements to create so that people of different races, cultures, and backgrounds can “understand” at a glance.

For example, a new layout method is adopted in the commonly used weather app. So that the information level on the interface is clean and clear at a glance. The wallpaper also fully echoes the design concept of HydrogenOS 11. It not only looks good but also echoes the changes of the sky and time through real-time rendering technology. The three-time periods of morning, middle, and evening will bring users a completely different visual experience.

Many new features have been added to HydrogenOS 11, such as AOD (Always On Display), smart gallery, and voice notes. AOD is a very popular feature of OnePlus users. The AOD of HydrogenOS 11 not only has the regular functions of displaying time, weather, notifications, and other information on the screen but also adds a series of special functions, which OnePlus calls “annual ring” AOD”.

Turn on the shadow theme function of the annual ring AOD, you can convert the photo into a high-precision line draft image and keep it always bright so that the pictures with special meaning can be accompanied by you. At the same time, the annual ring AOD can reflect the uniqueness of each user, displaying the user’s digital life on the screen interface. It displays the time axis consisting of the frequency and duration of the user’s mobile phone use on the screen interface, reminding users to Maintain self-discipline and health in life and make better use of mobile phones instead of being used by them.

The smart gallery of HydrogenOS 11 integrates the picture editing function and adds a “week review” function, which uses AI algorithms to automatically edit the highlights of the video every weekend, with music and filters, to generate a video of the user’s weekly memories Fragment. The newly added voice recording function in the notes can not only record instant inspiration quickly and accurately but also can switch between voice and text flexibly with the help of high-recognition AI voice-to-text.

HydrogenOS has always insisted on co-creating with users, and many new features on HydrogenOS 11 are also from OnePlus’ global users, such as multiplayer meditation mode and new dark mode. The multi-person meditation mode supports users to create virtual rooms and invite friends to complete multi-person meditation and clock-in sharing. The multi-person meditation mode will support multi-brand smartphones, not limited to OnePlus phone users, everyone can put down their phones together and focus on the moment.

After more than 130 attempts, the new dark mode has found a black that makes the vision more comfortable and uses different shades of black to show the level of content information. The dark mode also supports quick opening and timing activation, making the reading experience better. Not only that, the new dark mode of HydrogenOS 11 has also passed WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Double-A certification, providing visually impaired users with a better dark mode experience.

HydrogenOS 11 brings a brand new ORM (memory management system), which greatly improves memory utilization efficiency, so runs more applications at the same time with the same memory, and greatly reduces the probability of a manslaughter background. OnePlus actual measurement shows that the average background resident application before the upgrade of OnePlus 8 Pro (8GB RAM version) is 12.5 commonly used applications, and the average background resident application after the upgrade of Hydrogen OS 11 increases to 17.7, an increase of 41.6%.

The new Turbo Booster 2.0 frame rate optimization technology is aimed at the high refresh rate screen of OnePlus, allowing the phone to better maintain the “full-frame rate” running state in scenes such as games. With the new intelligent background freezing technology and skip doFrame technology, HydrogenOS 11 is not only light and smooth but also more power-efficient.

We understand that HydrogenOS 11 will support OnePlus 6 and later all OnePlus phones. Today, users of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can download the beta version to experience some of the features of HydrogenOS 11 in advance. On August 10, the developer preview version is expected to be released in the middle of September, and the stable version is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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