Ideal Gaming Chair: 3 Aspects to Consider


Do you know that awkward feeling of pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms in your neck, back, or shoulder after sitting on a computer for hours? An uncomfortable chair affects your major activities, whether it’s completing a project, doing IT resume writing, coding, or gaming. The latter is the most important for gamers who will highly likely lose their battles or credentials while changing their out-of-position.

The great variety of models, designs, styles, and features puts customers in a dilemma on how to pick the best one. Let’s find out what essential aspects you should consider before buying the functional gaming chair to work best for you. Here are they:

#1. System Compatibility

The first and foremost thing to do is to understand the options and the type of gaming chair you need. Some of them work with multiple platforms and different games, but others offer limited functionality and can’t get compatible with your gaming system. Here are four types to select from:

PC Gaming Chairs

If you play the games on a computer, consider buying a PC gaming chair. Traditional PC gaming chairs may look like the siblings of the transportable wheeled bases with pedestal seats for office work. But they are designed with the users’ comfort in mind and may come with extras, such as built-in speakers.

Elevated armrests for wrist support, extra layers of padding, a high back with comfortable features of tilting backward, and locking in several reclining configurations will support your body inhibiting from straining while looking at your screen.

Racing Simulator Chairs

Racing simulator chairs is the most expensive category of gaming chairs. Their design imitates a frame or ‘cockpit’ with mounted racing peripherals, such as a wheel, gear sticks, a shift knob, pedals.

Along with recreational gaming, they can be intended for professional training of racing drivers. These high-end chairs can provide a real-life-like experience for all racing car games lovers, but won’t work for other games.

Console Gaming Chairs

A chair for console gaming can’t be used at a desk, but major console gamers find it more comfortable for accommodating the more relaxed, “laid-back” positions so loved by controller pads users. Console gaming chairs come in a broad range of forms and sizes.

The most popular is the Rocker, an L-shaped chair with a shaking seat positioned directly on the floor. Its main feature is the backrest rocking back and forth with your moves. Most of them possess pockets for controllers storage and are equipped with surround sound speakers and USB connections for charging.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are not geared towards the gaming process as technically they are huge bags filled with even foam or bedding and covered in suede or microfiber. But they are so soft and comfortable that many gamers prefer the way of adapting to their bodies.

Though bean bag chairs with their zero ergonomy are not good for posture, their beneficial style allows accepting a wide range of postures and situations as well as lying flat with plenty of space. One more reason to choose is typically low cost.

#2. Build Quality

Not to change your gaming seat year by year, you should select a construction built to last. Along with an orthopedic back, comfortable wide seat, and armrests with a tuning system, it should have a powerful rack and solid frame capable of withstanding heavy loads.


Pay attention to its frame and avoid any wood or plastic materials. High-quality frames that can survive a longer period are usually made of metal robust steel.


Consider buying a chair with a durable foundation. Broad metal bases can serve longer than nylon narrow ones. Several broad feasible casters enhance the durability of the construction. Three inches or more are better than lower variants.


The filler inside the cushion will make the difference as well, the cushion becomes flat within a short span of time because of bad fillers. Modern mold shaping or cold foam fillers are elastic, won’t crumble, and quickly restore their original form after cessation of pressure.

#3. Upholstery

While opting for material, consider sturdy upholstery that will last for years. The coating materials should be resistant to wear, deformation, and getting efflorescent. In terms of everyday use, the best upholstery keeps shape, easily passes air, is easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. The best choice is just a matter of preference:

Genuine Leather

Though leather is expensive, it is more durable and breathable than its imitators. It collects and releases moisture, decreases sweat, and keeps the chair cool. Leather upholstery is hypoallergenic and hygroscopic, lasts generations, and improves with age.

PU Leather

PU leather is an accurate but less expensive and durable replica of genuine leather. Stain-resistant faux leather is ideal for snacking while playing. PU leather doesn’t breathe well, and it can cause a gamer to sweat more. Excessive sweat can complicate gripping the controller and makes the chair not so comfortable, providing with worse game experience.


PVC is as stain and water-resistant as PU leather but costs less. It looks classy, is more breathable, and softer to the touch than PU leather. One more benefit of PVC is minimal cleanup to be required.


Fabric chairs breathe well, and this results in reduced sweat and heat retention. Although this material feels less sticky, it better attracts dust mites and dander, becomes soggy and smelly, tending to wear out more quickly. One more disadvantage for gamers is low resistance to stain.


Mesh feels and looks like fabric. It holds its own as a cool and comfy breathable chair material. But in the long run, it’s less durable and difficult to clean without harming the delicate cover.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to integral functions like ergonomics and comfort, plus back, and lumbar support, a gaming chair can be a good alternative to a regular office one. Chairs equipped with state-of-art facilities are designed to bring the gaming experience to the next level, but choosing an ideal one is rather tricky, so it’s easy to end up selecting anything shoddy.

All gaming chair manufacturers offer different customization options, so it’s always a good idea to ask questions in order to acquire the chair that best suits your needs avoiding the trouble of wasting money. With knowing which type of gaming chair you are looking for you can choose the best gaming chair on your budget!

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