Idealens K2 VR Headset Features Exynos 7420 2K Screen


Right now there are more and more common VR devices with cheap price such as VR headset, VR all-in-one, VR BOX, VR Glass, etc. Recently, there is a new VR headset coming named Idealens K2 which is from a company, Idealens. It can integrate screen, computing chips, batteries and other parts into VR headset like other all-in-one VR headsets which can also become an independent VR headset without connecting the computer and smartphone, so that we can experience virtual reality by it.


Idealens K2 is powered by Exynos 7420 processor which has been used in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 smartphones. It has RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage, built in 3,800mAh battery, and it adopts 3.81inch 2K screen with 2560×1440 display and 771 pixel density. In order to reduce dizziness in such hardware, its screen refresh rate up to 90Hz, and 17ms delay. As you know, the common VR headset has over 60Hz refresh rate in its screen and lower 20ms delaying rate which will cause dizziness.



Idealens K2 runs Ideal OS based on Android OS,  on both sides of the helmet are volume button and touch panel respectively which can adjust volume and navigation.It has 295g weight which has no much difference with other VR box, so it will not be heavy to wear it. As for its release time and price, we don’t get more information. Just stay tuned.



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