Identity Theft Recovery Steps


Millions of people in America report identity theft issues per year. It involves all types of crime like credit card skimming, email credential-stealing, or online hacking, snooping. As the current generation is more dependent on the Internet and digital media, such issues have become common around the world. It has become quite difficult to protect data from hackers and malware that are always ready to penetrate sensitive information to pose significant harm to businesses and individuals. Please check identity theft insurance claim .

John Dee from Mac Security provided us a few easy to follow steps for recovery of identity theft. It will help you ensure a safe solution in worse situations.

Step 1: Notify affected organizations

When you realize that someone has stolen your personal information, login credentials, or any other sensitive information, it is first important to contact the concerned professionals. For example, if it is related to your debit or credit card, it is good to report your bank. They may help you block the card so that more fraudulent transactions can be avoided. It is good to take fast action to report the issues; if you take time longer than 60 days, you may have to face unlimited liability. You can get free credit report here.

Step 2: Add fraud alert on credit report

Financial fraud can have a negative impact on your credit score, and it may lead to long-lasting damage to your business profile. It is good to present the issues in front of credit reporting agencies so that they can take necessary steps. Fraud alerts are available for free, and once they are attached to your report, they will make it difficult for fraudsters to deal with the victim’s financial accounts. Also, prefer to check your credit reports time to time, if any unexpected activity is observed, report it to the

Step 3:  Go to the police

Once you have reported the issue to dedicated teams in the system, it is time to report the crime to the police. They can protect from a few other damages associated with identity theft.

Step 4: Change all passwords

Immediate change the passwords of your affected accounts. If some accounts do not have strong passwords, it is time to create new ones. Make sure it is a typical combination of lower case, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols that take around 10 words. Do not use your date of birth or name for your account password as it is always easier to hack.

Step 5: Contact your utility companies

All your telephone carriers and utility companies must be informed regarding identity theft issues. It is crucial to ensure that fraudsters do not find time to open a new account using your credentials.

Step 6: Replace stolen identity

In case if your social security number has been compromised, it is time to request a new one. At the same time, one should get a new driver’s license, create a new bank account and passport, etc. One should replace all those identities which have been stolen by fraudsters.


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