iFixit Releases iPhone Perspective Phone Case for $9.99


iFixit today announced the launch of a new perspective mobile phone case called Insight, the inside of the phone is printed with the internal image of the phone, it seems to have a “transparent exploration version” feeling. This product has been placed on the official iFixit store, priced at $9.99, about 68 yuan.

According to iFixit, these perspective phone cases are made of thermoplastic polyurethane to protect your phone. iFixit also said that the new phone case “has additional resistance to grease, grease, scratches, and abrasions.”

At present, the iPhone series of the Insight series is only suitable for the iPhone, and the version of the iPhone 6 or higher has an adaptation. These mobile phone cases can only be purchased at the iFixit official store, and interested partners can pay attention.

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