IGaming Industry Development Trends in 2022


The iGaming industry is arguably the keenest one on technological advancement. Since the advent of the internet, it has evolved leaps and bounds in graphics, accessibility, and game quality. Typical examples are the progression from Flash to HTML5, pixel to HD renderings, and simple gameplay to high-tech mechanics. The industry is always right at the door of innovation, which, as they say, never sleeps. There are already several iGaming trends for 2022. At SoIrishCasino, we’ve compiled the best ones.

Online Gambling: Go Digital or Go Home

Online gambling is growing exponentially. Many activities people carry out these days are performed online, usually through a mobile device. So, there is a continuous shift to the virtual sphere among casino players.

The demand is high from customers, and industry contributors are actively following the trend by taking a mobile-first approach with their products and services. Online casinos are accessible either directly online or via native apps. Modern casino online slots and table games are designed to support seamless mobile play.

Better Gaming Experiences

By extension of the increased mobile support in online gambling, better gaming experiences are a given. Convenience and accessibility mean players can maximize the fun of the game anywhere and anytime.

These also extend to the visual and gameplay experiences. There has been significant year-on-year improvement in the graphic and design quality of games and gaming platforms. These are poised to develop even more. The latest online casinos are being built with cutting-edge technologies for an ultra-modern look with HD and 3D aspects.

The live casino is a perfect example of the real-life experiences being replicated via virtual means, and this might be the year when Virtual Reality casinos finally take off. There has been much talk about enhanced casino experiences with VR, with providers looking for cost-saving solutions to deliver it. Big software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt are already providing VR-based games with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Crypto Gambling

Alternative payment methods are probably the most active trend as far as iGaming is concerned. There is a proliferation of casinos accepting cryptocurrencies, including several betting sites in Ireland. There are also a handful of casinos fully built on blockchain technology.

The role of cryptocurrency is expected to grow even more in 2022 to enhance online payments. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency facilitating gambling deposits and withdrawals. However, several altcoins are gaining traction, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Many more exist, and this year could see these alternatives gain mainstream recognition.

As the iGaming industry advances in other aspects, the payment system will need to display a similar progression which only cryptocurrencies can provide. The appeal of these digital tokens over fiat methods include speedy payouts, anonymity, security, and the absence of territorial restrictions.

 Digital Security

Digital security is a trend that has lingered since the onset of iGaming. It’s a common topic in any Irish online casino review, and there’s a greater focus on the idea of gambling security every year. Large amounts move in and out of the casino daily, making it a hot target for cyber-attacks.

Like much of the industry, cybersecurity keeps evolving. Cybercriminals are quick on their figures to devise new ways to penetrate casino network systems. In the same way, the casino needs to be on top of the latest security technology to prevent these attacks. The best casino operators are constantly looking for new and better security protocols, including firewalls, malware detection tools, and encryption technology.

Digital security helps protect the business, but it also safeguards players’ data and banking details that are shared on the gaming platforms’ servers.

Skill-based Slot Games

The simple gameplay of online slots relies on chance, with players holding their breath for the outcome. Skill-based slots are a new breed that will give players a greater influence on how events turn out. Over the years, slot developers get increasingly creative with game designs and mechanics. Several slots will allow players the option to make selections that have different results. Players can select from two or more bonus features or combinations of rewards. You can also decide to collect your wins or gamble them for more.

Gameplay features are also getting more advanced. For instance, collecting special symbols to accumulate wins or filling meters to activate a bonus. Some slots even have achievement-based gameplay where you move up levels as you win – a common gamification element in video games. Several more developers will likely venture into skill-based slots this year for greater player engagement. This will complement the more realistic visual experiences in modern games.

E-sports Viewer Audience

Streaming is another route the iGaming industry will continue walking down this year. Online gaming is predominantly a player-focused affair. However, with e-sports popularizing streaming, the gap in the proportion of viewers to players is quickly closing. More people will migrate from casually playing games to watching the professionals go up against each other.

The e-sports craze appears to be a trend maker, but it is also a trend in its own right. There’s a lot of interest in this gambling option both from the audience and creators. It will also prove easier for inexperienced players to enjoy these games by watching rather than playing. There are even e-sports-focused TV channels to reach a wider demographic.

As operators begin allowing more e-sports options, players can look forward to wider betting markets that will promote more competitive and engaging experiences.


Online casino sites, sportsbooks, and other gambling platforms are constantly looking for ways to provide better products and services using modern technology. Several of the iGaming trends for 2022 aren’t new concepts. Instead, technology is simply making it easier to put them into mainstream practice by providing well-needed enhancements.

A recent report by Statista placed the current iGaming industry’s revenue at $59 billion. These figures are expected to reach $92.9 billion by 2023, nearly doubling the increase. This year will further push the boundaries of innovation to discover new benefits that positively impact the industry.


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