iPhone 12 Concept Phone: Rear Four Cameras, Full Screen No Notch


Foreign media recently released a set of concept renderings related to the iPhone 12. In this set of conceptual renderings, Notch of iPhone12 is gone, but the same front camera and 3D face recognition unlocking module are also gone.

What do you think when you first see the appearance of this iPhone 12? The appearance design in the concept rendering of this iPhone12, of which the appearance design of the iPhone12 gives a feeling that does not look like an Apple phone because the appearance of this iPhone12 is too angular, especially in the appearance of this appearance makes people temporarily Can not accept.

What is very interesting about the iPhone 12 concept rendering is that Liu Haiping was canceled. After Liu Haiping was canceled, the iPhone 12’s front camera and 3D face recognition unlocking module were gone. However, it is unknown whether the iPhone 12 will hide the front camera and the 3D face recognition and unlocking module below the screen, but from the only information on the appearance, the iPhone 12 does not see the front camera and 3D from the appearance. Face recognition unlocked.

If the iPhone 12 no longer relies on the design of the front camera and face recognition unlock, then it is bound to rely on the fingerprint recognition and unlock technology under the screen for biometric encryption. At present, the fingerprint recognition and unlock technology under the screen is very mature, and it is also trustworthy.

In addition, the fuselage design of the iPhone 12 is also particularly interesting. It looks like the iPhone 12 has a rear camera in the middle of the fuselage. In addition, the sides of the iPhone 12 are still designed with curved surfaces.

The iPhone 12’s rear camera uses a four-lens design, but the iPhone 12’s rear camera does not use a modular lens design. The four rear cameras of the iPhone 12 are designed on the fuselage according to the proportional order. From the perspective of the concept rendering, the lens is not raised but is kept flush with the fuselage. I don’t know if the iPhone 12 with four rear cameras will have a greater improvement in photo effects.

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The iPhone 12‘s body hardware data indicates that it will be equipped with Apple’s A14 processor and also equipped with two-way wireless charging technology. However, for the time being, I believe that the iPhone 12 does not have a front-facing camera and a 3D face recognition unlock design. I do n’t know if you ca n’t take a selfie. Do you like the appearance design and hardware parameter design of the iPhone 12 concept rendering?

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