IKAYAA Parrot Cage: For Every Size Birds With Lockable Wheels


The IKAYAA Parrot Cage is a high-quality parrot cage for home bird keeping. Powder-coated metal frame, 360° swivel wheels, 2 perches, sliding tray, opening doors, and stainless steel tub. Don’t hesitate to buy it for your birds. It has Sturdy Metal Frame, Applies high-quality iron material, and has a powder-coated surface for durability. 3 opening doors: the biggest door for entering/exiting, 2 side doors for easy food feeding with stainless steel feeding bowls. Wooden Top and Inner Perch: Birds can stand on the upper perch for relaxing, and training, and stand on the inner perch for eating, and sleeping.

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The IKAYAA Parrot Cage is built in metal construction coated with a non-toxic powered finish. The waterproof and rust-resistant painted frame offers your lovely birds a safe living environment and also ensures the long service life of this cage. This rolling birdcage can accommodate 1-2 small/medium size birds (height less than 25cm/ 9.8”) like budgerigars, green cheek conures, cockatiels, love birds, etc. IKAYAA Cage gives your feathered friends enough space to move around, flitting from perch to perch, and spread their wings.

The extra storage shelf on the stand can hold your pets’ accessories and feed, keeping them handy and neat. Thanks to the 2 feeder doors, feeders are accessible without opening the main door so that you can remove the feeders and replenish the feed from the outside and don’t need to risk your bird escaping. 2 free stainless steel feeders are included. Special Double-D roofing design not only gives your beloved birds a beautiful and sweet home but also can be an elegant decoration for your house. Curvy hollow-out legs add a layer of grace to the piece.

A plastic slide-out tray can be taken out and cleaned with water, making cleaning a breeze. A grate between birds and the tray avoids birds walking directly on their droppings, which ensures both your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the cage. Simple assembly is required. All necessary hardware and parts are included. We offer illustrated instructions to help with quick and easy setup.

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Buy IKAYAA Parrot Cage on Amazon


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