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ILIFE F100 Vacuum Cleaner is a dream at home. Vacuum wet or dry surfaces lightly as a plate. Technically, the F-100 offers the absolute latest and a little more. Among other things, it cleans itself, has a voice assistant, advanced LED display the that shows location, status, power level, water, tank status and battery status.

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iLife F100 is made of very good quality materials, and the whole thing looks modern and attractive (for a vacuum cleaner). The housing is mostly matte, so it does not catch streaks and scratches, only slight shining. There is a button with a hand next to the display. It activates the so-called self-cleaning mode. We can turn it on only when there is a sufficient amount of liquid in the clean water tank (maximum 600 ml). The handle of the vacuum cleaner has three built-in buttons. The first is for switching on and off, the second is for changing the operating mode (Eco/Max), and the third, the largest of them, is used to feed water onto a roll. The curb weight of the iLife F100 is 4.2 kg, which is less thaandrage, which has a positive effect on maneuverability and ease of use. An ergonomic handle is used for control.


A self-cleaning button is located next to the display. It is enough to place the vacuum cleaner on the station and press the button: iLife F100 will fill the tray, rinse the roller and collect dirty water in the dust collector. This feature greatly simplifies maintenance.

Cleaning Efficient

The cleaning performance is just OK, but the cleaning performance is surprisingly good. Much ber than in autonomous cleaning robots. Larger stains can be washed much more thoroughly. Overall, cleaning is convenient, easy, hassle-free, fast enough and thorough. It is worth highlighting that the vacuum cleaner can stand on its own – you do not need to lean it against anything.


A 3000 mAh battery will last for 25-30 minutes. The battery compartment is closed with a lid with self-tapping screws, so the battery is non-removable, and this is a serious drawback. In a large house, cleaning will have to be done in several visits with intermediate recharging lasting 3-4 hours, i.e. all day. The manufacturer, of course, indicates that 200 sq.m. can be processed in half an hour, but this is only subject to quick and superficial cleaning.


The iLife F100 is a washing vacuum cleaner designed to clean hard surfaces, which it does very well. With the help of iLife F100, you can do preventive wet cleaning, wash off grease, driand ed stains, dirty slurry, and eliminate the consequences of a flower transplant.

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