ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Hybrid Vacuuming & Mopping Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


ILIFE V7S Pro intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with a 450ML big water tank and a double “V” shaped bristle brush. V7S Pro has a new function to get out of stuck by itself. In addition, it comes with dust box detection function and smart point dropping technology.


Robot vacuum cleaner ILife V7S Pro, something like a UFO, – the device is pretty and compact. It rises above the floor by 84 mm and weighs only 2, 95 kg. It’s not some rough gloomy puck. The case of the device looks even elegant – a gentle pink coloring makes it the first applicant for a gift, beautiful and useful. Such will be welcome in any family. If the children in the house, the robot will amuse them, and pets will not leave indifferent. By the way, for animals it is absolutely safe: if the device meets them on its way, it will reverberate respectfully. Furniture, he also does not hurt, despite the fact that he does not have a camera to build the route.

By default, the vacuum cleaner will move around the room without an obvious plan. But on command from the control panel will go around the perimeter of the room along the walls, in a circle, to remove a specific place or crumbs scattered on the floor, and even spirally. If necessary, the robot can be controlled and during its movement, changing direction with the buttons on the remote: to the right, left, forward and backward. With such an assistant even a child will agree. If the ILife V7S Pro working day should begin after everyone leaves home, for example, at 10 am, the Plan and Clock buttons on the remote control will help.


The robot ILife V7S Pro does not know how to determine the degree of pollution independently and cannot decide on how to eliminate it, but its price is much lower than that of more technologically advanced colleagues. But he carefully removes a variety of dust: dust, hair, small debris, and pet hair, – i-Dropping technology allows you to accurately detect and remove impurities. it cannot cope only with carpets with a long pile.

Noise from him is not too much – less than 60 dB. The device will work for an hour and two – how much, but not longer than 140 minutes, this is the maximum time of its continuous operation, which provides a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh. It takes five hours to recharge. You can connect a power cord to it or install it on the base. However, the robot itself will find it when the time comes to replenish the energy.

Dry cleaning or wet – ILife V7S Pro is ready for anything. The volume of the dust tank is 500 ml. In addition to the dual filtering system, it also has a HEPA filter. The volume of the water tank is less – 450 ml, but it is recommended to pour water not more than 300 ml. For washing the floor, there is a microfibre cloth, which is easily attached to the bottom of the device. After doing all the work, the owner will only need to clean these containers and brushes in order to prepare the vacuum cleaner for further work. The hardworking ILife V7S Pro will help to create gloss even in very large rooms. The manufacturer claims that in one session the robot will put in order up to 640 square meters. m of the floor. He even knows how to clean the sofas (built-in height sensors will protect him from falling).


The robot vacuum cleaner ILife V7S Pro is just a find for daily cleaning. Recharging it at night, go about your business and be sure that in two hours he will remove all the dust from the floor and clean the carpets from rubbish, do not fall off the stairs, scratch the furniture and attack the cat. After fixing the order, he will go to the base in anticipation of the owners and new tasks. ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent Remote Control Sweeping Robot with Multiple Cleaning Modes EVS Anti-collision System. Today, GearBest has a special offer on this model. With the coupon code: HNYear114, you can enjoy a special price of $149.99 (limited offer).

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