I’m always with the phone


It’s the beginning of the day and I’m already on my phone, looking out for a nice recipe to start my day with. Today I really need something tasty. Here it is: peanut butter cookies easy recipe! I put my phone away as it keeps buzzing with messages, I’ll check my mail later when the cookies are ready.

I quickly grab my mixer, some butter, peanut butter, sugar and cream them until smooth. After that, I add a little vanilla to make my cookies smell nice and appetizing. I also get an egg and milk and mix them in gently. Baking soda won’t hurt, too so I add it along with the flour. The dough is ready! So simple! I’ve never imagined I could do it so quickly and easily. Baking is also quick, just 10 minutes and here I am, enjoying each bite of these precious morning cookies.

It’s lunch and I’m thinking of something tasty again, constantly browsing the net and tweeting my followers. Wow! Almond butter cookies look perfect in the picture. I get inspired and decide to bake them no matter how much time it will take. Besides, I’ve got some almond butter left in the kitchen, why not use it?

I preheat the oven to 350 degrees, mix coconut sugar, almond butter, baking soda and an egg. Then I look up the recipe again but suddenly my friend starts texting me and I lose track of time. How come it’s been 30 minutes? I quickly put the cookies in the oven and wait for ten minutes. I didn’t burn them, fortunately. I have to be careful next time.

It’s time to get ready for dinner. I put on my makeup. When finished, I check up what’s new on my phone and start doing my hair. I don’t even notice how quickly the time goes by, I’m going to be late again!

Finally, I’m on my date. I wasn’t late after all. I look in the menu trying to find something unusual to meet my taste. Well, lasagna seems nice. I suddenly decide I have to try cooking it myself. It’s going to be a challenge to prepare it as well as they serve it in the restaurant. I search for barilla lasagna recipe and find it immediately.

Making the meat sauce seems fine. You just mix beef, onion and brown them on a large pan, gradually adding water, tomato paste and oregano. It should be ready within 2 hours. While the sauce is boiling it’s time to prepare the lasagna noodles according to the instructions on the box. Once the sauce is ready, you can assemble the lasagna, adding cheese after each layer. Then you can sprinkle the top with some parmesan, cover the dish with aluminum foil and cook for an hour. That’s it! So easy but it’s going to take much time. ‘I’ll accept the challenge’, I think to myself and continue eating my restaurant lasagna.

In the end on my day I climb into my bed and peer into the screen of my phone. I realize one important thing: I’m always on my phone because I’m surrounded with love, care and support. My friends who live far away can’t stop talking to me for a day because they get worried about. My parents try to keep in touch with me as well because they really think of me. I have a lot of followers on twitter and I need to make sure they get the best content ever. And sometimes I get a big laugh when I look at some stupid meme and it makes me feel good. I’m grateful for this constant flow of love that I’m lucky to experience. I wouldn’t change it for the world.



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