iMacwear M8 3G Smartwatch Design, Hardware, Features Review with Coupon


IMacwear is a relatively new company that focuses especially on the wearables market. This Hong Kong based company has just announced an independent smartwatch called IMacwear M8. We say that it is an independent smartwatch, because it can practically “replace” our smartphone, so its specifications are not the typical ones that we find in any type of smartwatch that currently exists in the market.


At a first glance we can see a clock of a robust design, perhaps even rough, this is due to the 600 mAh battery contained inside. The box is made of aluminum and the leather strap. In one of its sides has two buttons, one to go to the home and another to the on and off.

The screen is 1.54-inch touch, and supports a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels . The dimensions in centimeters of the smart clock are 5.00 x 4.40 x 1.49 cm, and 0.0950 kg.

What is striking is that between the two side buttons is the 5 MP camera (not bad for a smartwatch), we do not go into the quality of the photo or more technical aspects of it.


The Imacwear M8 we could say that it is an Android smartwatch comes with an android 5.1 with connectivity 2G / 3G, and as we have discussed with a 5MP camera.

As regards the hardware, it overcomes many of the intelligent clocks on the market, its processor is the well-known MTK6572 Cortex A7, Dual Core, 1.3GHz, 1GB of RAM and in addition 8GB of internal memory. You can use a MicroSIM card to extend the memory up to 32 GB.

Other features include the Sim Card Slot. And have on your front Microphone and speaker for both calls and to listen to music. Also Stainless Waterproof Back Cover.


For us the main functionality to highlight is the possibility of inserting a SIM card compatible with 2G / 3G, and make the Smart Clock work with total independence . That is, we can call and receive calls, notifications, emails, etc.

Although the ImacWear M8 is water resistant, our recommendation is not to immerse it or bathe with it. There are few precautions for this type of device.

Regarding connectivity say that IMacwear M8 incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 \ 3.0 to be able to connect to wireless networks or with Android devices. In addition this Chinese watch incorporates GPS with which we will be able to realize routes using this technology . This will also give us greater reliability if we want to know and / or measure our routes when running or another outdoor sport.

The 5 MP camera is also another feature to highlight, since in addition with the internet connection we can upload the photos to our social networks.

The battery has a duration of about 72 hours at rest and 6 hours in talk / player mode. It’s in the runtime of Apple Watch!


This IMacwear M8 smartwatch is really a best buy if you are a type that likes to tweak and customize your gadgets, and if you are ready to start your customization. Still you can order it and have it right away when it arrives at the shop and if you use our coupon code GB% , you will be able to get it for only $94.50!


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