Images of GoPro Karma Drone Design Patent


Its no secret that GoPro is developing its very own Drone , however details of the so-called GoPro Karma Drone are still a very closely guarded secret.No-one knows what form it will take or even the specs it will be packing.One thing we know for certain is that the Karma drone is on its way, confirmation was recieved today via GoPro themselves.190804p0kquh2lu0a6hu63
GoPro have posted a video dedicated a page at their website that is dedicated to their new creation the Karma drone. GoPro have made their fans hungry for more information about the GoPro Karma Drone, especially on what it will look like and what specs the quad will be packing.Sphere-type-Karma-drone-patent
Well friends it looks like the wait is over (maybe) as Ryan Goldstein has registered a patent titled “SELF-ENCLOSED AIR VEHICLE”. And it might be giving us a sneak peek at a possible design of the GoPro Karma Drone.The details show box type drone with arms and propellers that can be folded back into the fuselage of the drone.Rectangular-box-type-Karma-drone-patentThe patents description of the drone states- “vehicles such as unmanned air vehicles that are capable of movement from an open, flight configuration in which all major flight components can be protected by an outer shell are disclosed. In the enclosed configuration, the vehicles can take on standard geometric shapes such as a rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder or another shape so as to not be recognizable as an unmanned air vehicle.”190803c3arkbtqc43u9030
Other details on the patent describe it as having protection from dust, water and other possible contaminants. There are no other details or specs available apart from its ability to shoot 4K video, however in analyzing the video posted by GoPro it looks like it may come with a follow me mode as well as some form of gyro stabilized gimbal, as it it an extremely smooth video. It does look different, no doubt about that, they really do have our attention now. Watch this spot guys and we will definitely be bringing you more info as it comes to hand about the GoPro Karma Drone.


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