IMILAB W12 Smartwatch Now at Just $40.00 [Summer Sale]


The vast majority of cost-effective electronic devices come from China, with a good part of these models belonging to Xiaomi’s portfolio, whether directly or not. One of the partners of the Chinese giant is IMILAB, a company that recently announced the IMILAB W12 Smartwatch, an entry-level smartwatch focused on a low budget, but which delivers the main functions of other models on the market.

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IMILAB W12 has a fairly compact structure but feels extremely solid. Specifically, the watch size is 46 x 46 x 11, the watch face is 46mm, the strap is 22mm , and the weight is only 50g. Regarding the materials chosen for the construction of the watch, we find aluminum on the sides, ensuring lightness and elegance, but the back is made of plastic. Still on the rear, we find the vital signs monitoring sensors in the center of the lid, and the two magnetic charging points at the top of the hull. The IMILAB W12 has two physical buttons on its right side, one for turning the screen on and off and another that works as a shortcut to open the sports modes. It is also worth remembering that it has IP68 certification , but it cannot be immersed, only splashes.


Starting with the visual aspect, we are talking about a smartwatch that boasts a modern look, while also being elegant, efficiently built and with a flawless finish. Its design has a circular shape with a much larger size compared to other models in the same category, but comes equipped with the same common screen of 1.32 inches and HD resolution.

Health Function

When doing mental work for a long time or doing work with high intensity can cause the amount of oxygen in the blood to decrease and cause uncomfortable feelings. The IMILAB W12 watch supports fast blood oxygen measurement in 15 seconds, and is also upgraded to a 24/7 smart blood oxygen monitoring feature. Therefore, the wearer can easily capture the amount of oxygen in his blood throughout the day. W12 Imilab Xiaomi watch in addition to the ability to measure Sp02 oxygen concentration also supports monitoring your heart rate all day long, thereby promptly warning low or too high heart rate, providing 24-hour heart rate chart, helping you Monitor your heart health every day, from which to come up with a suitable exercise regimen.


IMILAB W12 offers many basic exercise modes, with 13 different sports modes such as swimming, running, cycling, yoga, tracking daily progress and reaching specific goals can strive.


In terms of battery life, the IMILAB W12 Smartwatch uses a 330 mAh battery that allows it to be autonomous for 30 days in standby mode. With normal use, the battery life drops to 14 days is not bad. The best thing is that it is charged with a magnetic charger (you don’t need to remove the strap to charge).


The software installed on the watch is not optimized and not as responsive as other models in the same category, however, it does not disappoint. The highlight, in this sense, is the GloryFit application, which is responsible for managing the functions of the IMILAB W12 on the smartphone.


The IMILAB W12 is a good entry-level smartwatch, but it should only be purchased if you are looking for a watch with a beefy look, as it is quite large, offering all the main functions of other watches in its category, with a good number of sports supported.

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