Impacts of Science and Technology on the Society


Every year, significant technological advances are made. This has led to changes in different industries. We now have ‘digital manufacturing‘, new and efficient processing in the industries. The results are high-quality products produced at low cost, and there’s more potential.

For instance, the radiometric measurement technology has provided a better and cost-effective method to conduct level measurement. The technique uses gamma rays to measure the number of solids or liquids in a vessel or silo during processing. Visit this site to learn more.

These changes impact the society in different ways. For example, an estimated 9% of jobs in the OECD counties are set to be automated within 20 years, and another 25% face significant changes. These and other changes will continue happening as more innovations emerge.

Machine Learning Replacing Humans in Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that uses cloud computing, big data, and machine learning, is outdoing humans in areas such as cognitive functions. More AI star- ups are growing in number as the funding also increases.

The internet is also playing a major role in these advances. The devices connected to the internet are very many and increasing each day. The Internet of Things (IoT), as it is widely known is connecting people and different devices like computers around the world. The results are at least 18% cost savings in industries, which can rise to 25% for top performers.

Society is Becoming Less Social

Today, our community is relying hugely on technology, and small aspects of life that seem insignificant are changing. This includes how we relate to others. We have become glued to our devices that we no longer have time to make relationships. This includes our phones and computers, which are now easily accessible and affordable.

Children have not been spared too. Many are spending most of their time on screens of laptops televisions and tablets. Most of them even prefer texting their next-door friend instead of just walking up to their door and knocking. This has affected their social life.

A study by the University of California found out that spending much time in front of screens may be making children unable to recognize facial expressions and empathize. One group was allowed access to electronic devices for five days while the other group could not.

Those who didn’t have the devices could read and recognize human emotions and pick non-verbal cues of faces and photos, while the other group could not. This showed that face-to-face encounters help kids pick distinctive empathetic characteristics and facial recognition, which is hard when they are over-exposed to electrical devices.

Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

The new technology opens more opportunities for research and development of treatment methods. There is now a better chance for technological innovation and scientific research to find a cure for diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. A vaccine for Ebola has already been found, making a significant step in medicine. 

Other medical technologies such as robotics to aid in complex surgeries and clinical trials are being developed.


We may not yet have flying cars or fully developed robotics in industries, but the trend is promising. Nowadays, it’s easy to access information and travel to different places in the world. Technology has become part of our everyday life and continues to advance.


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