Improving eco-friendly efficiency for you and your field workers


If you find it difficult to remain “in the know” with team members, or want to increase the efficiency of your field workers, then Maxpanda mobile maintenance management software for reactive and preventative routines application may be the solution you are looking for.

For years, field workers have had to manage with a pen and paper system that has resulted in an assortment of errors, delays, redundancies, and inabilities to access or send information when it is needed the most. And then on one blissful day in the early 90’s, the first Mobile device was introduced. However back then, these devices served more of a personal organizer function than an all encompassing computing function. Fast forward about 20 years and you enter into an environment where there are a multitude of different devices available, and many of them can be customized to better suit your needs. We will delve further into the topic of what is available to you later on, but first let us answer the question I know you are thinking: why would you need a hand-held? You can do improving eco-friendly efficiency for you and your field workers .

mobile maintenance management software application on iphones A Mobile device can eliminate the errors, delays, and redundancies that exist with a pen and paper system. Mobile maintenance management software for reactive and preventative routines is certainly beneficial to your organization. Let’s face it, everyone has a Smartphone now a days. The answer is simple; these devices are more than just a communication tool. Specifically for your maintenance crew, a hand-held device that is enabled with the Maxpanda mobile maintenance management software application allows your team to: Improve Efficiency and reduce wasted travel time Your maintenance crew can spend a large amount of time travelling back and forth to get to different jobs or get the proper tools and paperwork necessary to complete a task. Paper documents especially lack the ability to be tracked and audited, and are usually are tucked away in a box somewhere. With the Maxpanda mobile maintenance management software application your crew can download work orders wherever they may be. Daily routes can be scheduled to be completed in an efficient and timely manner, and all the information needed whether it is pictures, manuals, invoices, checklists, can all be accessed on the spot. Further, management can more accurately manage and direct resources based on what work orders are outstanding. You can better plan routes to minimize your fuel costs, and vehicle depreciation, and you can improve your productivity by getting more jobs done in a day. Mobile maintenance management software for reactive and preventative routines is the way to go!

Save costs on Paper and Print products With a Mobile device, say goodbye to paper products and hello to a completely paperless environment! Invoices, Manuals, and other paper documents can be attached to work orders, and you don’t even need to print the work as it can be accessed from the device. This forward thinking enables your company to not only save costs on paper and printing costs, but also distinguishes you from your competitors as an eco-friendly organization. Not to mention the reward you feel from taking small steps towards a cleaner environment.

With the development of technology, organizations have left behind the traditional forms of communication and are adopting newer, faster and more effective ways to communicate with others both internal to the organization and external. Redundancies, errors and lag times are slowly becoming a thing of the past. With any mobile device you can go the extra step and instantly update team members and communicate with vendors with a touch of a button. Ever play the telephone game? If so then you can agree that messages can easily be misinterpreted. With a Mobile device you can increase the accuracy of information flowing back to team members. Since work orders are closed out as the work is completed, the notes entered will be accurate eliminating the risk for errors or omissions that can be made when entering in notes after the fact. Who can benefit from these hand-held devices? It’s not just your maintenance crew that will experience the rewards. A Mobile device affects all levels of personnel. In order to satisy the CEO, manager, CET and all financial officers – the management team requires a hand-held device which needs to be useful to the organization and there has to be some sort of financial incentive. As previously mentioned a hand-held device, cuts down on the cost of paper and printing products, and increases efficiency. It allows for the technician who is in the field to be able to update and download work orders right away from wherever they are, allowing for an efficient use of time management by not heading back to the hub to get more printed work orders. Your personnel can complete more jobs in a day without the pressure of working overtime or having to rush through a job site to get to the next, and as a bonus, having access to the right tools and information make employees more efficient. Hand-held devices are not just for field workers, departments and management immediately see the benefits.

Clerks & Administration – the people submitting the work orders may not be using GoMAX! Mobile apps (totally optional) but they can be assured that the device helps them as it allows for the maintenance crew to automatically update the clerk without having to write the notes on a paper and then have the information entered twice. Clerks can focus on more important tasks without having to worry about the administrative functions associated. Mobile devices also ensure a quick flow of information to critical team members. Field Force Workers – now for the most important item to discuss, the field workers who use GoMAX! Mobile apps daily – mobile maintenance management software for reactive and preventative routines – mobile devices allow for the crew to effectively and efficiently accomplish all the tasks necessary for the day. Maintenance crew can schedule their days to be more productive and save costs with no extra output. It’s a win-win scenario. Best of all Maxpanda’s mobile maintenance management software application is 100% free!


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