Influencing Mobile Gaming With New Tech


Mobile gaming makes up 50% of the entire gaming market and numbers are only increasing year on year with revenue going up, there’s a huge amount of interest in our devices matching our changing needs – so what tech is coming to our mobile devices that could be exciting for the consumer and market as a whole?

120Hz Displays Faster displays mean a smoother experience – this is largely seen in navigation menus as it smooths the process, but if this becomes a common fixture on consumer devices then it may be something that game developers pay more notice to and design their games with in mind – widespread use of a faster refresh rate will only be good for these devices, and as tech improves there’s the possibility some handheld devices can match desktop monitors with refresh rates reaching up and over 240Hz.

5G Connection – The next stage in network connectivity is just around the corner for many of us, although it may be a little slower to roll out in some areas, it’s inevitable that it’s coming. With speeds up to 100 times faster for download, and exponentially faster for upload, the opportunities that come with this next stage in network connectivity are exciting for mobile gamers.

Bigger battery, and superfast charging – Although bigger battery sizes may be a difficult goal to reach as many are reaching some capacity limits with tech being the restricting factor, some bigger battery changes may be key to offsetting the increasing display sizes and power consumption requirements. One change that has helped is the introduction of superfast charging, but if strides are taken to meet larger battery requirements then performance goes up – given our habits are changing for content consumption, this could be the next big focus for change.

Perhaps the biggest market in gaming currently can be found in gambling and betting sites, although changes to regulation as credit card gambling within the UK has been banned and adjustments to an initiative called Gamstop which reduced participation options for problem gamers was made mandatory – there are a number of sites not on the initiative however, some of the best ones here are the favourite of many gamers, but given this is such a big market for mobile gaming if changes are to be made with tech in devices, this may be the first market that spurs that change.

There are some very exciting changes that will come to our mobile devices as industries such as gaming become more mainstream – it’s important to remember that our modern smartphone devices have only been in their current form for the past decade, with gaming only becoming popular across the last five or so years, there’s a lot of time for change to be made and that change is happening extremely quickly, so what may be apparent now with mobile tech may be different in just a few years – it’s hard to keep up with how fast the change is happening, but mobile gaming may be the next step needed for our smartphones to change faster than they have been.


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