Inherent risks of using cryptocurrencies!


Non-regulation by any central authority is an essential characteristic of cryptocurrencies. When the government of any nation accepts cryptocurrency as a legal tender, it is not going to remain the decentralised system altogether. It is going to be legal and will be controlled by the government. Therefore, anyone working for the government can use the cryptocurrencies individually but cannot suggest the government use the same. The main thing the whole cryptocurrency system is running is Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralised, digitised, and public ledger at which all the cryptocurrency transactions are kept very safe and secure. It is growing with new cryptocurrency transactions and a new addition of the blocks through the mining system over the pros and cons of bitcoin lending .

There has been a vast blockchain network spread all over the world. It works on the Internet only, and there is no physical existence. The cryptocurrency miner can verify a new transaction by adding a new block to the blockchain technology whenever a new transaction takes place. It is the process which is called cryptocurrency mining. If you are well aware of the same, you may need to understand the further details of cryptocurrencies. Whenever a person creates new crypto and adds to the circulation, the limit of a particular cryptocurrency is exhausted. According to the experts, bitcoin has now been on the verge of extinction. There are only 2 million bitcoins left in mind, and therefore, 19 million are already in circulation.

Characters of a Blockchain platform

The Blockchain platform is also characterised according to some essential features. The prominent ones among them are –

  • Irreversibility is also an important thing you need to understand about blockchain technology altogether. Whenever you make a transaction using the cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain system, you cannot reverse the same, and it is done permanently.
  • The global speed of the whole Blockchain system is very high, and you can facilitate one cryptocurrency transaction within a couple of minutes. It takes place to the global network of the computer systems, and the validation and verification process is completed through the blockchain owner and not by any third party like the government.
  • Security is an essential factor of the Blockchain system. It promotes a high degree of security for your transaction and does not let anyone see the personal data that you do not want to disclose to anyone.
  • Security of your information is a critical feature of the whole Blockchain system. It is entirely anonymous, and if you do not want to reveal your identity, no one can know about it.

The risk associated with cryptocurrencies

Even though cryptocurrencies are the incredible medium of making transactions and keeping your personal information is safe, they are also not completely free of risk. Here, we are not talking about the risk in transactions, but we have to discuss the materialistic risk factors you may face while using digital coins. Therefore, some important risk factors you will face while using cryptocurrencies are here.

  1. According to the experts, a very prominent type of risk you will experience while using cryptocurrencies in your business is a loss of confidence. As cryptocurrencies are highly uncertain and face price fluctuations daily, there could be a time when people will lose their interest in cryptos altogether. Then, the value of these digital coins will decrease, and it can lead to permanent degradation of the value of bitcoins or any other digital coin. Hence, the organisation using these coins as capital will be worth nothing.
  2. You can operate the digital coins using the Internet, and everything is operatable through the Internet only; it poses a severe cyber or fraud risk threat. Some cryptocurrency exchanges may provide you with good quality of services, but they can steal your cryptocurrency at some point in time. They can infect your computer system with powerful and unrepairable malware, which can steal your cryptos when you do not pay attention.
  3. When a transaction is centralised and regulated through a system, you can have the possibility of getting a reverse transaction when there is something wrong. So if you make a wrong transaction using your cryptocurrencies, nothing can reverse the transaction, and you have permanently lost your crypto coins.

These are some inherent risks that you will experience using the crypto coins at any place. So, make sure to be very well aware of how can you prevent yourself from any fraud or risk associated with the digital coins.


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