INSE I5 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Just $49.29 [Best Price]


The INSE I5 Household Vacuum Cleaner helps you to vacuum hard-to-reach places, it is light and easy to handle. The working range of up to 6 meters will allow you to vacuum the entire apartment or office without the need to look for sockets. The comfortable handle and lightweight of the device will make it easy to move between rooms to be cleaned. You don’t have to worry about drawing floors or not having enough space to store your vacuum cleaner anymore!

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INSE I5 is lightweight, bagless design makes it easy to move around. An extendable handle vacuum cleaner can be stored virtually anywhere, even in small cabinets, plus scalable aluminum tubes, easy to adjust to the cleaning height that suits you best. Easy to clean around and under furniture thanks to the twist and smooth movement. The handy vacuum cleaner handle will help you easily clean dark and tight areas around the house.


On the other hand, the multicyclone technology allows to effectively separate the air that enters the vacuum cleaner, thus avoiding obstructions in the motor. In this way, the vacuum cleaner is able to maintain stable suction throughout its useful life, as well as improve the quality of the environment.

Large Tank

The INSE I5 Upright Vacuum Cleaner does not have bags, so dust accumulates directly in the hopper (which is then emptied into the bin). It is worth mentioning that the tank has a capacity of 1 liter , so you can space out the frequency of emptying.


One of the main advantages of corded models is that they can operate for several hours uninterrupted , since they do not depend on an external battery. In addition, the 6-meter cable allows you to vacuum medium-large rooms without having to change the plug.

18kPa Suction

It has a powerful suction capacity of 18kPa, while many higher price competitors only reach 12kPa. This makes it the ideal tool for cleaning all types of surfaces. With the specified suction power, it is very effective in collecting pet hair, preventing pollen allergy, cleaning carpets, sofa pits, etc.


Finally, you should bear in mind that all the elements of this vacuum cleaner (including brushes, tank and filter) are easily removable and washable . In addition, the high-efficiency sponge filter guarantees a longer use time than other similar models.

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Buy INSE I5 Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress


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