Insta360 Nano S 4K 20MP 360° VR Video Camera, Design, Features Review


Insta360 Nano S is exceptionally intended for iPhone. Make it a 360° camcorder with incredible capacities including 4K ultra HD video shooting, 20MP photograph catch, 360° video talk, multiview. the free catch, continuous adjustment, and one-touch, sharing.

the Nano S takes after the outline signals of its ancestor. It’s an extra camera for iPhones, fitting onto models from the iPhone 6 age and up. It associates through the Lightning port and embraces the back of our telephone, so you can’t utilize it with a case.Insta360 is offering the Nano S in dark or silver. Its frame factor is indistinguishable to the first Nano, so it quantifies around 4.3 by 1.3 by 0.8 inches (HWD) and weighs around 2.5 controls the camera and gives you access to its full group of catch and altering highlights. You can utilize the camera all alone—it has an inner battery and spares film to a microSD card—yet to do anything with the recording, you require a smartphone.


Nano S shoot 4K 360° wherever and at whatever point with iPhone – 4K ultra HD video, 20MP top quality photographs. All new 360° video talk let you share an immersive and ongoing perspective of your reality. the multiView work orchestrates the best of what you find in one edge when you’re live gushing, video talking or exploding Instagram. it has One-Touch sharing – you can share idealize shot to a millions group of onlookers on the different social APP.

the Nano S is a 360-degree camcorder, and all things considered, it records the whole world around you, at a 4K determination. That is an update from the 3K quality offered by the Nano, and we trust it enhances the general look of the recording. the Nano S gives you a chance to accomplish more with the 360-degree film than essentially trim and transfer it to YouTube or Facebook for safe review. It underpins FreeCapture, which is comparable in idea to what the GoPro Fusion and Rylo do. You can edit into a 16:9 edge, panning and zooming through to guide the watcher to a specific piece of the scene. When I tried the element with the Insta360 One it was somewhat awkward to utilize and the completed video was disappointing in quality, however, that was with beta programming and equipment. I’ll investigate it again when the Nano S is accessible for an audit to check whether the organization has gained ground in enhancing the element.


Insta360 Nano S is one of the great cameras which includes different types of good features. it is really worthy to buy and easily available on Tomtop with the price of $239.00 , but you can use coupon code: HTY10SK and 220 points to grab one at $ 226.8.


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